Matthias’ Vale Regional Conference Talk

On April 5th, Year 5 in the Vale, Matthias offered his address the gathered peoples of the Vale:

Brothers and sisters of the Vale, welcome to the Ninth Semiannual Regional Conference of Vale. We are pleased to welcome today visitors from among the Satyr peoples, Union of Sheck leaders from Gilded Falls, Nekolyn travelers, our Dragon Empire ambassador, the gnolls of the Black Hammer Adventuring Party, emissaries from the Gnomish nation, and our gnomish members from Aithreachas. We also welcome some of the first new arrivals from Enoch, who bring messages from the Presidency, twelve, and seventy of the mother Church of Jesus Christ in that land. While we rejoice to have these new visitors and new members of our godly community, we mourn the departure of certain of brothers and sisters, who, having suffered with us for lack of food and ice wolf attacks through a severe winter, have dwindled in their faith and fled the Vale, forsaking the temple and the portal to seek safety and a return to Enoch near the Southern sea.

I have, in past years, associated our settlement with the seed of which Zenayos spoke, which was planted among the wild trees. I have said that our destiny is to nourish the surrounding nations with the gospel of Christ. Indeed, we have made great strides in this effort, sending dozens of missionaries among the Satyrs, the Union of Schek, and the Gnomish Nation. And yet, our small settlement is but a seedling among mighty trees and it is a great setback that one shoot of that seedling should depart and begin to bring forth fruit that is not good.

Before they left, I met with  Zebedee and the Carrie families he led, and though they rejected my counsel to stay, I do not consider them a lost cause. I believe as we continue a measured expansion toward the sea, we will eventually see them rejoin us in renewed faith.

Until that time, it is vital that our selves, our families, and our neighbours be strengthened so others of us do not suffer a similar loss in faith in these hard times. I invite all of the families of the Vale to renew efforts to study the scriptures in their homes, as individuals and as families. To this end, I have had scribed a collection of the words of prophets spoken concerning the life of Christ in a distant world as it was revealed to them, as well as his teachings when he came among the people of Enoch. One of our missionaries among the gnomes in Slighe Domhainn found and acquired for me an enchanted desk capable of quickly copying such scribed works and with it we have produced a copy of this collection for each family in the Vale and for our visitors. As you each study the life of our Savior, I invite you to pray for the presence of the Holy Ghost to guide you. Make note of the acts and behaviors that His perfect life inspires you to perform and make plans to perform them, and your hearts will be opened to further revelation and your faith will become strong enough to withstand the difficulty of settling in this perilous land.

I know that our Redeemer lived among a people of another world, that His life was perfect, that He suffered to provide intermission for our sins, and that He died and rose again to break the bands of death and guarantee to each of us resurrection. Firm in this faith, I do not fear death at the hands of our many and powerful enemies, I do not fear that our mission here will succeed in bringing this knowledge to all of the peoples of this fertile land.

These things I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

The first new settlers of the year arrived through the portal bearing addresses from the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve in Enoch.

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