Pokemon 5e: The Mareep Herder

The group of Lana Town trainers continue toward the abandoned power plant. They plan to go around it and find the upper entrance to the Copper Mines, a common but dangerous shortcut to the capital city: Sessuh. There, they believe they can get medicine to save the diseased town.

After another long day on the road, Tracy sees fire moving toward them. It is a Pokemon trainer riding a Ponyta. He introduces himself as Vince and challenges them to some Pokemon battles before nightfall. Iaacog takes the first one-on-one battle and his Level 1 Mudkip narrowly defeats Vince’s Level 2 Ponyta (with the use of a potion). Tracy accepts the match with his second Pokemon and also uses a potion to bring her Level 1 Pikachu to victory against Vince’s Level 1 Growlithe.

Vince is impressed with their skill and invites them to share a camp with him. Over the camp fire, he tells them that he is here trying to wrangle Mareep to bring back to his father’s ranch. He says he has seen a wild Electrike herding wild Mareep and tells them he would be willing to trade his Growlithe for that Electrike.

1200px-179MareepNear dawn, on Jessa Bell’s watch, Mareep wander near and around the camp, grazing. She quietly wakes the others and they ambush three Mareep away from the others. With 5 Pokemon against 3, they quickly damage the Mareep and Jessa Bell catches one. The Mareep start to run, but Pavrick throws a Pokeball as well, catching a second. Iaacog throws a Pokeball at the last and catches it as well. While they all celebrate their captures, they hear growling from a nearby hill and look up to see an angry Electrike.

This campaign (using the Pokemon 5e rules by Joe The DM) is going to be something like a once a month thing. My daughters are helping me DM it as an alternative to Hero Kids. They and I control Banana, my wife’s character is Jessa Bell, Uncle N is playing Pavrick, Uncle A is playing Iaacog, and Aunt A is playing Tracy.

This session was much more satisfying. We still haven’t had a Pokemon level up, and that feels slower than I would like, given how rarely we play. I might make a change to how much XP is awarded.

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