Hero Kids: Odds and Ends

DeepBequilerThis week, (S) was hurrying to get caught up on her school work when game time came, so (C) took her long-haired hunter, Rapunzel, out alone. She wanted to fight one of the deep beguilers like they met in the lizard swamp, so of course one appeared. Running and attacking with ranged attacks worked for a while, with rolls going in her favor. When the beguiler got in close, things got a little more hairy, but she pulled it off.

A flighty 3-year-old, (C) then decided she wanted to fight some giant rats with Adome the healer. It made sense for someone to be responsible for repairing the hole in the tavern floor now that the whole Ulster situation was resolved, so she fought a couple of rats in the basement. It was toward the end of this battle that (S) joined us, so we delved into the caves enough to fight one more group of rats.

Hero Kids is a great system for kids with a lot of great art. While I’m considering writing an article arguing that systems barely matter to the kind of fun most players chase, this is a good system if you’re looking to play with your kids.

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