Biweekly Item-Ehrvalen’s Maul

Ehrvalen, though a god of order and law, came to power in an era when the greatest tools in use on both sides of the war between order and chaos were machines both fine and large. To enable his followers to deal with them, he granted them his maul.

EhrvalensMaulEhrvalen’s Maul
Weapon (maul), very rare (requires attunement)

Attacks you make with this weapon against targets made of metal or wearing metal armor treat their armor class as 2 less.
Attacks against a creature using a shield that roll 1 or 2 below the target’s AC destroy the shield. The target may allow the attack to hit to prevent it hitting the shield
Successful attacks against constructs and large or greater sized creatures deal critical damage.
The maul deals double damage to objects and structure.

This is the maul used by Tiernan to good effect in the Battle of Devil’s Gate. Of course, his is a little different, Mind Weave being a different system and all.

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