Primordial Frontier S4: Battle of Devil’s Gate

When Rathdar, Bilbil, and Amhran arrived back in Raven’s Roost to learn that the Yuletide had arrived and that her adventurers were telling tales in the tavern:

  • Captain Saoirse (BiW): Level 10 Psionic Ospryte Thief
  • Tiernan (ByW): Level 10 Human Dragon Slayer
  • B4-R311 (RiH): Level 10? War Facsimile

Tiernan tells of attacks all over the world in recent days. As the Yuletide approaches Devil’s Gate (a city of adventures centered on an ancient tavern on a floating island) they see it under attack, adventurers battling all over it.

The Yuletide drops Saoirse, Tiernan, and B4-R311 into the fray and joins the fight in the sky. They quickly fight there way to the hottest spot, a square built by an egotistical adventurer with his statue at the center. Dozens of constructs (including some gigantic ones) battle with adventurers defending their homes off the square as they arrive.

The battle is chaos. As some adventurers fall, others wield their riskiest tools. A Wand of Wonder pummels a facsimile to pieces with a stream of gems. B4 anchors himself to fire his big cannon, pounding giant facsimiles before switching to long guns. From a perch up high, Saoirse fires explosive rounds, devastating the battlefield. Tiernan mostly soaks up attacks, but when his hammer swings do land, he crushes medium constructs like coke cans.

A Shield of Wonder is active on the field, and after a few minimal effects, Saoirse uses telekinesis to tear it from a hostile adventurers hand and starts using it to defend herself from the guns of a descending construct ship, yielding mostly innocuous effects. Meanwhile, running across the field to the far side where ground based enemies remain, Tiernan sees a flaming, ironclad longboat hurtling toward him and parries, dropping to the ground, to crush the bow with his mighty hammer and send the boat careening over him into the statue (Tiernan committed particular detail to telling this part of the story).

The Shield of Wonder effects continue to be fairly inconsequential to the battle, but Saoirse and B4 manage to damage the facsimile ship enough that it withdraws while Tiernan rescues adventurers on the far side and a naked halfling streaks through the calming battlefield. With the ship leaving, Saoirse leaves the shield and flies out, cleaning up the remaining foes with single shots.

While Tiernan and B4 loot, Saoirse rejoins the Yuletide to pursue retreating construct ships at a safe distance, tracking them out away from the planet until they are joined by others of their fleet.

Back in the Winged Anchor in Raven’s Roost, Tiernan finishes the story to cheers. While the Yuletide Adventurers pay for drinks, Tiernan encourages Rathdar to keep up his new adventuring team, giving him a map he hopes his new connections in Raven’s Roost will help him decode.


The Primordial Frontier Campaign is set in the Perenia world of the Tyranny of Mundanity and Stormguard campaigns, but in a future where the world is characterized by wild magic below a mile above sea level. Sea level is the new underdark, and, well, I don’t suspect we’ll be seeing the underdark at all.

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