Haven: Undead Troubles

On March 9th, a pair of adventurers set out to learn what a goblin, who has been singing in Confluence for weeks, knows about the area:

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 6 Human Magic-user (Death and Undead)
    • Drej, Level 4 Psuedodragon Familiar
    • Elf Eater Skeleton (Level 5)
    • Mutated Elf Eater Zombie (Level 8)
    • Zengiff, Talking Rock
  • Agon (HuS): Level 5 Elf Magic-user (High Variety)
    • Ventius, Level 2 Black Bear Companion

They take three days of food, in case they decide to do anything in the immediate area. Speaking to the goblin, they listen to a few songs and argue religion. Among other things, they learn that the goblin worships Garim, one of the many Nefil who it says once ruled the land, suppressing the dragons. They learn that Garim cursed a dragon, turning it into a town, and that the Lizardfolk, after Garim’s withdrawal, took over the swamp that was where the Vale now stands. From its song, they learn of a few tombs they have not encountered, one of which Rovert’s dragon-soul sword thinks it remembers being near Kite.

They spend the night in Kite, but while they sleep a cry goes up that the dam is under attack. They ride there on undead wolves, arriving to find it is being attacked by undead. They come to the rescue of the garrison as they flee the far gate house. Rovert uses a Puppeteer’s Staff to slow their advance across the bridge (by order them to stop each other) while Agon casts a spell. Agon’s spell is a gate that when passed through teleports the passer off the dam to fall to their deaths. This eliminates many of the enemy, but the the undead stop charging into the portal. Agon kills many of the remaining with a teleport spell that casts them high into the air.

When the portal falls, they advance and engage the three remaining high level undead. The Dead Lord, not able to heal itself quickly enough, flees to be pursued by Agon, who kills it just beyond the broken gate house. There he find two dead Kobolds before the entrance to the Temple of the Knowing Dragon. They go with the garrison captain to present the fallen Kobolds to the tower on the hill and explain the attack that killed them.

They return to Kite and rest the night. In the morning, they proceed to where the sword, Verzelai, remembers the tomb to be, an hour or so outside of Kite. They spend three hours searching the woods for it, and eventually find stone doors built into the rock. Finding them sealed from the inside, Agon uses a few spells to destroy enough rock to get the wolves through.

Inside, they descend into the tomb, finding a bracelet with magics that Rovert interprets as enhancing either constitution or strength. They continue to another large set of doors, again sealed inside. When Agon starts to destroy a hole in it, hulking undead within awake. Rovert commands one to attack the other, but one starts to squeeze through the hole and breath a dark cloud of particulates into the room.

As the room starts to fill with the spores, they withdraw into the hall, leaving the wolves to fight the undead. They kill the first quickly and it explodes, filling the room with spores. The second gives the wolves more trouble, but they soon tear it down and it explodes in another cloud. As the cloud clears, the two wolves start to fight and when Rovert orders them to stop, the skeleton stops but the six-legged zombie wolf continues to attack.

Rovert uses his staff to command it to stop and it does, allowing him to get the skeleton wolf clear and look more closely at the troubled wolf. It has mushrooms growing on it like the undead, most of them growing out of its wounds, but others sprouting around its nose, mouth, and eyes. Rovert orders it to stand still and for the 30 seconds, he and Agon run around it cutting mushrooms off. They don’t get them all before the time runs out and it attacks Agon. Rovert attempts to cast a death spell to kill off the mushrooms and Agon escapes it in a closet.

It doesn’t work. Rovert, now desperate to save his beloved six-legged wolf, dodges and weaves, cutting away spores with careful precision. He calls for Agon to help him, but he remains in the closet. The wolf gets a bite on Rovert and he can feel the wound burning. Rovert feels sure he will lose his wolf, if not himself, but Agon opens his Book of Knowledge and seeks knowledge of a spell that might cure the wolf. The spell comes to his mind, along with new components needed for it. In the rush of knowledge, he opens the door and casts the spell, Cure Disease with death instead of life.

It works, but Agon collapses from the exhaustion of the knowledge. Rovert, not able to get a cure from Agon, who has forgotten the needed components, puts on the bracelet and activates it for a burst of constitution that helps him fight off the infection. They use some of the remaining mortar to seal a small door on their way out and head to Citadel.

The visit to the college has already yielded consequences, but they managed to kill the Lich’s tracker and prevent reporting back. No knowing when he might act again.

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