Haven Peripheral Activity Report 03/2019

The Haven real-time campaign continues. Going into March, with the thaw under way, things are starting to move around the Vale again. It’s the time of year when people are picking where they’re going to be when planting starts and if necessary, clearing more farm land. With the tight winter rationing due to the Kobold raid, people are eager to get some early crops planted to supplement an increasingly stale diet.

North of Iron Fields and the prison, in the hills, a group of gnomes seeking to be baptized after the manner of the Vale and help finish the temple have established a small mining village. Some of them are artisans who hope to quarters in the Vale during the week so they can work on the temple, but they are first settling their families in the Aithreachas with the other gnomish families. The village includes one dedicated alchemist and two dabblers, as well as new farms and a mine location picked by magic.

Having suffered due to food delays, the Great Road Mine gnomes are already at work trying to finish the last two miles of road before another storm cuts them off from their food supply.

Citadel House Adventurer behavior has been much improved since Matthias’ reprimand, probably in part due to the self-policing brought on by Ale’filia (DaS) and Ragnvalder (TrS). Even Rovert (TrS) and Osiris (CoB) seem to be getting along.

In the South of the Vale, a faction of Valefolk (8 families) are gathering, mostly from Carrie, who against Matthias’ counsel intend to set out down river and settle near the sea where the fishing should be more abundant. With the blessing of the Aguluk na Garim orcs and goblins on their boats, they believe they can take the wide, calm river the whole way. Since so far most danger has emerged from the North, they believe even their small group should be able to settle safely in the South.

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