Haven: Investigating Tuv

On February 9th, Year 5, after being asked back by the Nekolyns surrounding the blight, a pair of adventurers who had never been there before set out to explore the bunker further. One is a recent, seasoned member of Citadel House, the other a newly arrived orc deserting Schek Tarifk:

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 5 Human Magic-user (Death and Undead)
    • Drej, Level 4 Psuedodragon Familiar
    • Dohasan, Level 0 Centaur Herbalist
  • Gorg “Sneaky Feet” (HuS): Level 1 Orc Thief

With the best information any of the previous delvers into Tuv can recall, they set out with 12 days of food, expecting to spend a week in the tunnels beneath the bunker. By Monday evening they make camp a mile or so North of the dam. Tuesday morning, Nekolyns find them and accompany them to the blighted area (a region of aggressive and dangerous plants), which they have cut back most of the way, including a wide path to the bunker entrance.

They enter the bunker (Rovert having to teleport Dohasan down into it, because he can’t climb the ladder) and find it smells of rot. In the larder they fight several giant rats, but Rovert destroys them all with a previously encharged Death Burst. At this point they realize they brought no healer and regret the friendly fire of the large AoE. They thoroughly search the larder, taking two intact wine bottles.

Following the rough map Rovert was given, they approach the only room that was never opened and Rovert teleports Gorg in, where he starts looting a little before Rovert resorts to teleporting himself in. Inside they find a key to the room and several other baubles of questionable value (courtesy of Who Would Just Leave This Stuff) as well as a small pouch of coins.

Briefly searching the prison for creatures for Rovert to animate, they raise a spectral bear and move on to the tunnels they believe to contain most of the unknown sections. There, they encounter three digging facsimiles that awaken at their presence and attack, calling them intruders and accidentally telling them how they can become authorized.

They fight them from the stairs and Gorg manages to remove one of their mind gems, stopping it. Rovert climbs into the pilot position atop the disabled facsimile, getting shocked when he touches metal by accident, but finds he can’t control it. While the other two facsimiles ram the first aside, Rovert runs up into the facility above looking for a badge to prove their authorization. While Drej spits acid on a facsimile’s gem, Gorg fires crossbow bolts, and Dohasan reloads crossbows, Rovert searches all the bedrooms for any kind of badge.

On an abysmal series of rolls, Gorg fails to dislodge the next gem, but Drej eventually spits enough acid onto it to disable the facsimile. Rovert searches the kitchen and the larder, finding a hidden ladder into the locked bedroom. He returns, unsuccessful, to find they have destroyed the second. He is desperate to control the last and climbs onto it, getting shocked as he tries to keep a grip on the spinning facsimile.

After some mishap and the use of his Time-Pocket Watch, Rovert manages to keep a grip on top of the facsimile, prompting it to rush deep into the tunnels. Worried what danger the facsimile might be leading him to, Rovert leaps down, going to rejoin the others.

They pass the night in the largest bedroom. They decide to spend Wednesday searching the facility thoroughly from top to bottom. On the residence level, Gorg finds a hollow bed leg with an envelope of precious gems. They move their search to the prison control rooms where Rovert finds a talking stone who calls himself Zenjiff. He is very grateful for the rescue and reveals that he belonged to a spy implanted in the facility who used to use him to eavesdrop on important meetings.

They convince Zenjiff that they are in league with his master (dropping the name found on the envelope of gems) and reveals to them that his master had a hidden lab where he hid several badges and offers to tell them if he recognizes one of the secret door locations. They believe one of them must be through the door to the storm enchant, but mishaps with the puzzle result in some damage to Dohasan and a pixie arrow in Rovert’s eye.

They give up on the puzzle and teleport through to the other side. Down the stairs, Zenjiff recognizes the corridor and points them toward the wall the door is on. They begin searching on his recommendation and see nothing for hours. Trusting Zenjiff (and convinced Rovert can’t find it) Gorg continues to search through lunch and dinner. He finally finds the hidden switch just before he gives up for the day.

Thursday, they return to the secret lab and search it, finding the badges they came for, as well as more baubles and some alchemical materials. With the badges, Rovert hopes to be able to command the drilling facsimile. It isn’t back in the holding area they found it in and they follow it down the spiraling descent tunnel. They walk for hours, dropping at thousands of feet before the tunnel opens into a large cave pocket lit by glowing vines growing up its walls and ceiling. It is filled with unusual foliage like neither of them has ever seen. They can see that the facsimile crashed through the foliage below, but don’t dare to continue pursuing it. They climb back up a little ways before they’re forced to rest on the slope.

During the night, a giant spider attacks on Gorg’s watch. Rovert, Dohasan, and Drej manage to leap into action and they all bring down the spider without any damage.  They spend all of Friday climbing and it’s late before they make it back to the facility proper. Still wounded and further exhausted, they decide to take Saturday, Sunday, and Monday easy, hoping other adventurers will join them to continue exploring.

They return to this facility has been a long time coming. They found many seeds, but new seeds are still coming. This is dangerous territory they’re delving into. Rovert leveled up, but they’ll definitely need some backup.

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