Fantasy Plant: Hexgrass

This tall-bladed grass grows in vast swaths of magical plains where it is found at all. In addition to rain and sun and soil, magic is a vital part of the plant’s ecosystem. Those walking through the waist-high grass will likely (passive Perception of 8 or higher) be aware that the thick blades glow slightly at their passage, and the particularly perceptive (passive Perception of 14 or higher) will note that certain members of their party (spell casters) elicit a brighter glow from the blades.

Each minute a caster spends in the grass, they lose one spell slot of the lowest level they have remaining. The caster may make a Perception check at DC 14 – SPELL_LEVEL to feel the magic draining from them. Creatures with innate magical power may suffer a similar drain.

The magical energy so absorbed by the hexgrass is sometimes used by alchemists who harvest the grass in particular regions for its magical contents. They can often tell by the health of the grass how well fed it has been with magic and even detect the nature of that magic by the color and pattern on the blades (DC 14 Nature or DC 16 Arcana check to determine the kind of magic recently absorbed by the grass).

Creatures seeking shelter from magical predators or who themselves like the taste of magic once absorbed by the grass frequent hexgrass prairies. Some particularly adapted creatures may be able to channel the energy in the hexgrass to their own uses.

It’s been a slow blog week, what with my children failing to earn their Hero Kids session. I was working on a more serious post, but then did this to procrastinate.

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