Hero Kids: Rescuing the Rescuers

When we came back to Hero Kids Saturday, (S) had changed her mind and we decided to take the two new adventurers on a rescue mission for the Healer and the Hunter. The new characters, Catboy played by (C) (a custom class, based on the hunter, but with special action causing fear and bonus ability being faster movement) and Owlette played by (S) (the water warlock class) becoming suspicious when their friends didn’t come back up out of the cellar. They went down after them, where they fought three rats in the cellar (a bad sign for their friends).

Down the rat hole, they fought two more, which they dealt with quickly, the rolls being on their side this week. At the crossroads, they downed one rat quickly before the bandit commander, fleeing the battle from last week, came on the scene. They took him down as well, but without the Hunter melee bonus, Catboy took some damage and Owlette gave him a potion.

Having seen the commander running toward the other tunnel, (S) was curious to see where he was going, but also having heard him say “more kids!” she realized her missing friends must be where he came from. They went that way, efficiently dispatching the three rats that had survived the previous session and using two more potions to revive the fallen Healer and Hunter.

With all four characters they went to see where the bandit was going and found barrels of spoiled food with what they presume to be Ulster’s seal on them. (S) had the presence of mind to check the pool of water and found an underwater tunnel that she boldly explored to find where the bandit intended to come out in a pool not far from the town.

Not having found the missing bar boy in the rat lair, they assume he was taken this way and intend to follow it up soon (but not this Saturday, since we’ll be starting up a Pokemon 5e campaign with some uncles and aunts).

Hero Kids is a great system for kids with a lot of great art. While I’m considering writing an article arguing that systems barely matter to the kind of fun most players chase, this is a good system if you’re looking to play with your kids.

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