Primordial Frontier S1: Battle of Raven’s Roost

Finally embarking on a new adventure we’ve all been anticipating for weeks. It was two weeks early, but most of the PC details were in place, and I had a pretty good idea how the first session was going to go. The party:

  • Rathdar (ByW): Level 1 Human Cleric of Vardor
  • Bilbil (RiH): Level 1 Harpy Thief/Roboticist
  • Amhran (BiW): Level 1 Human Cleric of Emedia
    • Clarence: Level 1 Skeleton with Revolvers

dropship.pngA sky schooner carrying passengers lands in Raven’s Roost for repair and refuel. While Bilbil goes about checking some of the mechanical systems, Rathdar, one of the passengers, disembarks, making his way toward the shrine of Emedia, Goddess of the Dead, shouting praises to Vardor to all he passes on the way. The small town is used to small arrivals like this, but the praises of a god only a few of them even know from old tales draw some attention. Rathdar and Amhran, performing duties at the shrine, are understandably oblivious as an unusual, angular ship approaches.

Bilbil, who knows every ship to frequent the Raven’s Roost skydock, and many of the models that do not, has never seen or heard of a ship like this one. He watches in curiosity as it makes to land on the outskirts of the village, not anywhere near the designated docks. Soon after it lands, commotion alerts all three characters to real trouble. Rathdar runs toward the sounds of screams immediately, shouting the glory of Vardor. Bilbil, too, is quick to respond, but Amhran hears the sounds later from within the shrine.

robotIn the fields South of the village, farmers flee toward their homes as unusually spindly facsimiles disembark from the landed ship by the dozens. Some farmers have already been killed, but most make it to the village where they are accustomed to locking down in case of pirate attack. Rathdar rushes out to slow the attackers, engaging what seems to be a leader of the facsimiles when it derides his god. While Rathdar manages to dodge most attacks and his armor greatly reduces damage from those that hit, he isn’t able to land a blow with his blade of light against the double-shielded foe.

Meanwhile, Bilbil magically summons boulders to drop on the enemy, crushing one and missing another before coming to the aid of the knight with the glowing sword. Amhran, meanwhile, has her skeleton Clarence shoot a few rounds into a group before fleeing, deciding to get to their ship. Screams continue through the town as the guard struggles against overwhelming odds.

The enemy Rathdar has engaged dodges Bilbil’s passing net, but Rathdar gets a strong blow in, severing a shield arm. Bilbil comes back around, successfully netting him this time, allowing Rathdar to dispatch the foe as he breaks free of the next. About this time, Amhran comes out into the field where the ship landed, three facsimiles in close pursuit. They all see a second, angular ship come up over the horizon, preparing to land nearer the town. They all think it’s time to get on that little passenger ship and get out of town, but look toward the Skydock to see it already taking off to flee the battle.

As Rathdar and Bilbil run to defend Amhran (a child calling for help as she rides her skeleton), the ship roars overhead, but they see a familiar bow crest the horizon: the Yuletide! It’s spinal cannon fires, devastating the octahedron ship and sending it careening past the village, over the edge of the plateau, and down into the magic lands to the North. Soon, the Yuletide is overhead, dispatching crew to the reinforcement of the guard while Tiernan (Rathdar’s grandfather) and B4-R31 crash down to the rescue of the heroes and the town itself. An ospryte, Captain Saoirse, rains death on the facsimile foe from above with powerful pistols. As the dropship lifts off and attempts to flee, she issues a telepathic order to the helmsman to bring it down and the Yuletide gives pursuit, several shots from the spinal cannon shredding the craft before it can get far.

The victory is celebrated at the tavern where Rathdar, Bilbil, and Amhran are hailed as local heroes (the seasoned adventurers having already left for other tasks). Rathdar’s ship leaves, but he stays, declaring the village to be under Vardor’s protection. The mayor approaches them as a group, requesting that they, being so brave and powerful, make a trip down to the other wrecked ship to make sure none of its crew survived to maybe attack the village later. They agree to go in the morning.

This is the beginning of the Primordial Frontier Campaign (yes, there should actually be something under this tag now. The haste with which we began meant the drawings I was doing are still in sketch form, but the session went well. The party is together and the adventure is introduced.

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