Haven Peripheral Activity Report 01/2019

The Haven real-time campaign continues. It’s been a while since I’ve reported peripheral activity, partly because so much of it has been contained in the play reports. The world marches on, but lately the players have been confronting pretty much everything that impacts their part of it. Some highlights:

A raid on the part of Kobold forces was disavowed by the Dragon Empire diplomat as being the actions of a renegade group and not sanction by the Dragon Empire. It was successful, in that much of the Vale’s unwalled grain stores were destroyed. In the wake of this, the Vale assessed they would not only be unable to meet their obligation to send grain to the gnomish Great Road Mine in exchange for refined ore, but that they would have to ration carefully to make it through the winter without losses to hunger. There was murmuring among the people while Matthias sent about looking for solutions. Eventually, with the help of the Black Hammer gnoll adventurers, a farm run by facsimiles was found with years of food stored that they were willing to donate on condition that it would be repaid if needed by their long absent master. Despite the resolution of the food crisis, some Valefolk still complain of their increasingly precarious living in this new land.

The improved cart road from Iron Fields to the gnomish Great Road Mine was not entirely finished before winter, a failing for which the gnomish government denies responsibility, though the minority factions (the Faithful and the Archivists) blame ambivalence among the majority party, the Pragmatists, concerning relations with the Valefolk. As it stands, carts carrying food and ore to and fro struggle to cross about 2 miles of inferior path with significant weather challenges.

Osiris and Rovert found themselves cursed for torturing and killing a prisoner. They searched for a way to restore their lost power and as a last resort turned to Matthias, who guided them through repentance. Responding to this and other problems with the adventurers, Matthias reprimanded the whole of the Citadel House Adventurers and called for better behavior.

Agon (HuS) has been teaching prospective missionaries to be sent among the Union of Schek the orc/goblin language, which has brought him closer to the missionary effort. On the 1st of February, he is sending an elvish book of scripture to the vampire in the prison, hoping to give him another chance.

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