Primordial Frontier S0: World Building

We are starting a new campaign in the world of Perenia. It is set after the events of the Tyranny of Mundanity campaign, which itself followed the long and languid Stormguard campaign. The Primordial Frontier campaign commences when the womb of magic has opened to such an extent that magical flora and fauna make most of the world, all of it below about a mile in altitude, uninhabitable and perilous to travel. While some people live in mining towns, skydocks, and other valuable locations on the surface of the world, over half now live on the tame and habitable moon orbiting above, where a dozen nations vie for power. The rest pass their lives on floating island cities, towns, or even large ships.

amhranThe story will begin in the skydock village of Raven’s Roost, a mostly human village on a high plateau between what used to be Vardorborg and Gollant. Only about 80 families of several races live in the village, but being on the way to many places from many places, it frequently receives smaller craft in need of repair or refuel. Two of our main characters, Amhran (a 10 year old human girl, cleric of Emedia, Goddess of the Dead) played by BiW and Bilbil (a harpy mechanic) played by RiH, call the village home. The third, Rathdar (a human cleric of Vardor who has called him to be his champion) played by ByW, arrives on a flying boat in time for the first events of the campaign.

yuletideThe second party are high level adventurers already with their own flying ship, the Yuletide (pictured), based out of the flying city of Devil’s Gate, which now houses the tavern of the same name Benquil built in Gollant. One of them, a Dragon Slayer named Tiernan Dragonsbane played by ByW, is Rathdar’s grandfather, who he used to travel with from time to time. The Yuletide’s captain is an Ospryte psion named Saoirse (“Seershah”) played by BiW. The last, apart from their hired crew, is a well-armed, highly-advanced facsimile in the shape of a barrel who goes by B4-R31.

I find that low fantasy is my comfort zone, so I’m straying from it with this insanely high fantasy, spelljammeresque world Perenia has become. I hope I handle it better than I did Steampunk in Tyranny of Mundanity. Our cast is already incredible, now it’s just time to find the story.

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