Matthias’ Reprimand

Citadel House Adventurers, I have asked you to gather for this meeting apart in order that I may address certain matters of great concern and import unto God. I speak to you apart because the matters that have come to my attention would be cause for great fear and distrust to the people of the Vale and I do not wish to trouble their minds or hinder your work, when it is just, by my words. For behold, ye were called of God and sent to this place to serve his righteous purpose in bringing the diverse peoples of this land to a knowledge of their Redeemer. To this end, He has blessed you with great gifts and powers, even of strength and of skill and of magic, that ye might be mighty unto demonstrating His power and glory to the inhabitants of this land, to showing forth His mercy among them to the convincing of them of the truth of that Christ on whom they can rely for a remission of their sins.

And now, I learn that which is most astonishing to me: that ye representatives of the Lord have taken the powers He so generously bestowed upon you and used them for wicked, malicious, and selfish ends. That some of you have used that most miraculous gift of magic to torture prisoners, that others have killed prisoners for the sake of convenience, yea, that one among you, favored with power over the dead, has used that power to pursue self-aggrandizement before the will of God and exercised that power to take servants for his whims.

Do ye not understand that your role is to be the vanguard of the Church of Christ among diverse peoples? The Spirit warns that this body of adventurers have been too much focused on winning the battles before them. Know ye not that the battle is the Lord’s? He will deliver, and ye must strive to be His means of delivering those who now wander in darkness. Thy part is to make the world safe that the Word might be preached in it. Do not consider that those who oppose us are our enemies in the battle against the author of all unrighteousness. For behold, the victory is the Lord’s and He has triumphed over death and sin. The great enemy of our souls is already defeated in Christ. We do not strive to win the battle, for it is won. Instead, we labor diligently to persuade those who we are able to join the side of Christ, that they might rejoice with us in His victory.

We would not slay the Kobolds or the Lizardfolk or the Goblins or the Orcs or the gnomes if they would not aggress against us. Adventurers, you have so far been found mostly faithful to your call, else I would have found it needful to address you sooner. Do not stray from the charge with which ye are entrusted.


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