Biweekly Item-Turtle and Dove

This pair of incredibly large shields are made of a metal hard as steel but light like aluminum, allowing a person with a strength of 16 or higher to use one of them one-handed or a person with a strength of 11 or higher to do so two-handed. They are each massive, 5 feet wide and nearly 10 feet high including the bottom tooth on the right corner of Turtle and the left corner of Dove. To anyone proficient with shields, it is clear that Turtle is a left-handed shield and Dove a right-handed shield.

Wearing either Turtle or Dove grants the user +3 AC. Wearing both grants +5 AC. Either one or both give disadvantage on Stealth checks.

As an action, the user may plant one shield to provide total cover to himself and one person behind him from one direction or both shields to provide total cover to himself from two directions or total cover to himself and one other person and one person behind each of them from one direction, ACSD.

When planting both shields with enough force to dig the teeth into the ground together, the user may spend one hit die to produce a dome of force up to 10-foot radius that cannot be physically passed, stopping all bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing attacks passing through it. After the dome stops 10 attacks, the user must spend a hit die to restore the dome. If the user has no hit dice remaining, they may take their largest hit die plus Constitution modifier damage to restore the dome instead.

This is Ragnvaldr’s (TrS) starting magical item (sort of, 5e and Mind Weave are very different). He wanted to make a super tank to provide more defense for future low level adventurers. He may also have felt compelled to make a lawful good character after the curse on Rovert.

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