Tyranny of Mundanity: The Epilogue

In the Year of Vardor 541, the war with the starry ones came to an end when Hilbrent’s heroes destroyed a Cosmic Dragon leading the incorporeal forces from the core of the world against the surface. After taking part in celebratory parades in both Gollant and Vardorborg, the unlikely party went their separate ways. Alfred starts a large hospital and accompanying pharmacy in the budding adventuring town near the rifts in the gnomish highlands. Lucy accompanies him, working in the special adventurers’ ward and gathering songs and stories.

Meanwhile, Doane returns to Gollant, entering a school of performance to learn music and story telling, bringing his act mainly to the greatly revitalized Devil’s Gate tavern. Lamila (after donating some of her werewolf saliva to Margon) travels back into the upper underdark where she takes up residence with the Chlaymid tribe they encountered before. There, she begins to notice some of her skin turning to scales.

A decade passes, then another, Alfred growing his hospital into a network of them. Under the table, Alfred recruits some rogue vampires (out of those few to have escaped King Gamlis’ court) and uses their abilities to begin a cartel distributing illicit drugs and other powerful substances.

Lucy leaves the hospital once it becomes self-sustaining enough, returning to Gollant, where his mother lives. He takes up singing again and partners with Doane. Together, they become the main act at Devil’s Gate, defining a genre that spreads across the world. Once a year, they go on an “adventure” together, performing heroic acts in the wilds and performing concerts in cities they visit along the way.

All the while, they keep in touch with Lamila, finding opportunity to send messages her way. They hear that she continues to live among the Chlaymids and has grown to 12 feet tall, covered in scales with a tail and stunted wings sprouting from her back.

While new wars and new heroes emerge in the world, Alfred’s drug cartel becomes a powerful force and influence, moving more into magical goods (harnessed from the increasingly common magical creatures) on both their legitimate and illicit fronts, which Lucy helps to promote. Lucy, now married, uses some of his wealth to launch mass production of potions and other magical resources.

Meanwhile, Doane also retires from performance and takes up gun smithing. It has long been a hobby of his and he turns his effort to making highly customized pieces for his own enjoyment, solving unusual and particular problems.

The effects of the magic ban being raised start to be seen: the lower altitudes of the world start to become uncivilizably magical, the drow and dwarves are forced to flee the underdark and Lamila departs as well, now a full dragon 30 feet long and black with moving constellations glinting across her scaly hide. She comes with rumors (started by her friends on her behalf) that she is an unkillable dragon.

On the surface, the fey who first entered through a Cosmic Dragon rift use Sarpin Crystals to open and maintain new rifts to their fey world, making the areas around the rifts dangerous to inhabit. The sea grows so perilous that travel by ship is all but impossible, flight becoming the primary means of travel abroad. The danger spills up onto the shores and many coastal cities, including Requiem itself, are abandoned as people flee to higher ground.

As the still-mortal members of the party start to grow old, Alfred goes missing. Some murmur that he has withdrawn from public life after an experiment left him defaced, but Lucy believes he was killed for control over the cartel, whose power begins to rival the power of the Vardor government, which is in decline as magical wilds divide civilization high place from high place.

Responding to the power and destruction of the cartel, Lucy becomes Mayor of Vardorborg and Doane Mayor of Gollant, in which offices their primary effort is to put down the cartel forces and get the destructive drugs off the streets. Doane continues to produce guns, but pours heart and soul for almost a year into each one to produce a truly special piece with each one.

Lamila, still known, travels the continent offering her wisdom to all those she encounters.

With the world becoming more magically inclined, Lucy sets his mind to writing a history of what the world was like before the end of the magic ban in his teenage years, a work that is seen as fiction by the rising generation. Doane, meanwhile, keeps fighting crime on the streets of Gollant and commissions expeditions to try to quell some of the chaos in the gnomish highlands where magical, fey, and cartel forces rage. He dedicates nearly a decade to perfecting the finest weapon he has ever made.

Lamila, seeking to do good in a world she had a hand in making mad, travels among the fey, where she garners enough respect to convince a small number of them to form a faction calling itself the “Sorrowing Pit” dedicated to helping mortals survive interactions with the fey.

During this period, the starry ones, unchallenged as a civilization in the underdark, find a way release the Mind Storm (the source of psionics in the underdark) upon the surface. It spreads across the world, causing insanity and massive death across civilization, ending it as it had been. In the aftermath, members of all races show psionic ability.

Floating cities, launched by those with the means, become the main bastions of civilization. It is also found that the moon has begun to develop an atmosphere and colonies spring up there, finding it a new and difficult frontier.

In the new civilization, Lucy takes command of an expeditionary town on a floating island that travels the world mapping the growing wilds. Crossing the sea, they come upon a third, mostly unknown continent and adopt the Harpies, Lagorans, Lucanids, Skritha, and Gnolls living in early civilization there into the world society. Doane retires to the same town, living with Lucy and his mother, spending his time keeping a history of his various firearms.

Lamila, having helped the civilization to survive the encroaching fey and the Mind Storm, find a cave in the magical wilds with a high entrance descending through the mountain by which pilgrims may come to seek her wisdom.

Eventually, longing to be in contact with the earth he loved so much, moves to one of the many ground villages which he helps to be successful until dying of old age and returning to the earth.

Lucy retires on the exploring town where he continues to gather and tell stories and fund explorations until he dies there.

Lamila, who had been visiting the others, becomes stagnant as the pilgrims become fewer and the world continues to grow without her. She becomes a legend, the last remnant of a simpler time.

So, with the magic ban lifted, in less than a century the civilization that had instituted it fell, bringing in a world of extreme magic and civilizations like never would have been dreamed of mere decades before.

This marks the end of the Tyranny of Mundanity Campaign. Find its retrospective here and Session 0 here.

It also lays the groundwork for the upcoming Primordial Frontier Campaign. Expect some of the things they did in the epilogue to be seen in that campaign (for example, one of the characters is a psion using psion-specific guns invented by Doane).

Epilogue night is a great opportunities for players to do some world building and play out their bigger character dreams. I got the idea of Epilogue Night from the Dungeon Master’s Block podcast, along with many other great ideas. You should check them out and join us on the forums for practice exercises and comradery.

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