Raglan’s Journal 15

Note: We are only about a third or a quarter of the way through this massive battle, so the following makes some assumptions about the outcome: 1) Raglan survives to write a journal entry 2) the battle is enough of a victory that he doesn’t begin with despair 3) the took enough losses that he doesn’t begin with rejoicing. The tone is one of a historian doing his duty in the face of physical and emotional exhaustion. It includes the facts in chronological order.

We attacked the cultist camp last night, just after dark. We had little choice, as the portal seemed about to open by the tell-tale astrite glow. Our initial attack sowed great chaos and we had soon detached fully half of the slaves from the tube feeding their blood to the portal. I tried to keep my head so as to direct our forces, but the battle rage overtook me, fortunately protecting me against the dragons striking from above. Anduin gracefully condescended to fill the role of commander. In the havoc I could tell that the main body of the enemy was closing from the West, I could hear their commotion and see the astrite golem throwing down Juniper’s trees as though they were reeds in his way, but having slain the cultists among the freed slaves, I ran North to confront the small band of cultists coming from that side, hoping together with Lamila’s fire wall to throw down that band before engaging the forces westward, lest we be surrounded an unable to reach the slaves on the North side.

I had no idea how we could hope to fight the golems, let alone the horde of orcs and death slaads and other evils coming behind them, but I knew I could not allow them to reach our little band of rebels in force. My hope was that Aman would arrive with the dragons, unicorns, treants, lizardfolk, and arakocra he was sent with the hammer to free.

These journal entries are going to be in-character play reports from ByW’s campaign, which we are going to alternate playing with the Tyranny of Mundanity campaign and the coming Primordial Frontier campaign. My character, Raglan “the Light”, admires RiH’s character, Anduin Damian and follows him believing his place in history will be as a companion of the royal adventurer. He is impressed with their elven companion, Juniper (played by BiW), but does not know her well.

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