Stolen Fur Coats

On January 19th, Year 5, a couple seasoned wizards join a few newer members of the Citadel House Adventurers in investigating what Taren terms an “unusual and delicate matter.”

  • Osiris (CoB): Level 5 Elf Magic-user (Life and Death)
  • Conan (MiM): Level 4 Elf Magic-user (Fire and Wind)
  • Ale’filia (DaS): Level 1 Elf Cleric of the Living Water
  • Mark (JaH): Level 1 Halfling Thief
  • Ragnvaldr (TrS): Level 1 Human Fighter

They make their way to Confluence to speak to the famous hunter, finding him at home. He tells them of some unusual, pale women he met in the woods, dressed in rags, who begged him to retrieve their coats. They told him they were worn by a woman living in a large, yellow house Taren identifies as Henry Ulster’s home, the wealthiest man in Confluence.

On the way to the manor, they decide the women must be some kind of shapeshifting fey and debate how to go about getting the coats back. The butler lets them in to talk to Henry, who is dismayed but not surprised to have finally been visited by adventurers. He informs them that his wife, Marge, has many fur coats (after all, they live in a hunting village), but allows them to visit her wardrobe. There they find a vast array of furs of all kinds in coats, gloves, hats, scarves, capes, and boots. As they search the coats, Conan’s heightened perception and magic sense pick out a fox-pelt hat with a faint magical aura with an animal bent.

They receive permission from Henry (despite the hat being his wife’s favorite) to take it to the women in the woods and verify that it belongs to them before returning to try to find the others, which they assume his wife is wearing. Taren guides them out to the women in the woods, where one of the women recognizes the hat as her coat and pleads to have it returned. Ale’filia takes pity on her and hands her the hat, hoping to verify that it is indeed hers. She transforms into a fox and scurries away. They promise the other two (a mink and a ferret) to return with their coats and head back.

They find Marge Ulster by her magic aura in the sitting room at her friend’s house. When they tell her about the coats, she becomes defensive and almost hysterical, and when she hears about her hat being given away she becomes irate, running from the room and screaming down the street for Henry. They catch up with her at the manor where she is berating her husband for letting them take her hat. Eventually, Ale’filia calms her enough for her to understand that the hat gave life to the fox, which was seemingly sentient. Upon understanding this, Marge calms a great deal and decides she would like to personally return the other two.

After she has changed, the party, together with Taren, escort her out to the women, where she turns over her mink gloves and ferret scarf, restoring life to the animals. Marge resolves to prevent this happening again. Taren does not accompany them back to Confluence, returning to the hunt. On the way, Kobolds attack, but they quickly defeat them with Conan and Osiris’ AoE spells while Ragnvaldr protects marge., the last fleeing only to be overtaken by Ale’filia’s flying, water, hammerhead shark.

They return to Citadel and warn Matthias of the Kobold encounter. They came from the West and Matthias fears that the dragon temple will continue to result in large groups from the Dragon Empire passing through their hunting grounds.

This was a nice little side track. They were far more level-headed than expected and didn’t have to run away from dogs after sneaking into a manor, but I did get to play a shrieking woman, so that was fun. It was interesting, as soon as they players heard about women asking for coats, TrS and DaS said “selkies,” so I looked up selkies. Then when they saw it was a fox, DaS said “kitsune.” I make up so much lore, it’s really causing people who do know lore trouble. Is that a problem?

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