ToM Session 24: The Last Assault

With Harvendep secured and the populated territories of the underdark restored to Vardor control, Hilbrent has the party rejoin Ilgrind and accompany him on his airship to hunt any Starry Ones breaking through to the surface. There are still parts of the underdark, particularly surrounding the three crystal deposits, where the Starry Ones still operate, and expeditions sent against them only vanish, leaving the Vardor pantheon blind to the area. For weeks, the party and other forces fight skirmishes to protect the surface while the underdark blind area pushes closer.

  • Doane Six (ByW): Level 10 Nekolyn Monk/Gunner
  • Lamila (BiW): Level 10 Half-Orc, Half-Elf Fighter
    • Benquil: Level 2 Spider Monkey Animal Companion
  • Lucifer “Lucy” Underfoot (RiH): Level 10 Halfling Bard
    • Gelda Roughsole: Level 6 Halfling Thief Follower
    • Eymen Hunyadi: Level 4 Drow Padfoot Follower
    • Rav Lugulu: Level 4 Goblin Chemist Follower
    • Hilderek Ferlwinkle: Level 4 Gnome Tinker Follower
    • Ecrin Ravnae: Level 6 Drow Psion Cleric Follower
  • Alfred (JaH): Level 10 Human Thief

One day, as they patrol a mountainous region over the blind spot, a portal a realm of fire opens in one of the mountains. Alfred spots it and points it out, but as they wheel to investigate, more such portals open, one gushing water that floods the ravine below. Suddenly, a great gash cuts across the mountain, opening onto a glimmering, green world filled with eerie lights. Behind the gash, a dragon composed of stars, about 500 feet long and breathing a breath that sucks rocks and trees into it, emerges from the mountain, followed by the humanoid starry beings in significant numbers.

The party decides to flee, Ilgrind agreeing, but as they put their stern to the beast, it spies them and gives rapidly-gaining pursuit. As the dragon closes, it roars and a shimmering wall appears in front of the ship. They try to fly through it, but soon realize it is distorting time and the dragon is rapidly approaching. Ilgrind turns the ship away in time and they find themselves flying along the dragon’s flank, firing into it. As they near its end, its tail flicks out in front of them, too fast to evade.

When it strikes, it doesn’t break their ship to splinters, but they pass through it, coming out the other side in a realm of lava and fire. While Ilgrind works to steer the ship away from the pillars of flame and lava eruptions, the party fights off bats of fire and a giant flaming serpent. The ship only sustains minor damage (Alfred summoning water to wash out any fires) before they suddenly appear again in the mountain valley. As the scenery forms around them, they see the dragon approach directly ahead, maw wide open.

Alfred gets a poisoned crossbow bolt into its eye while Doane and Lucy’s men fire devastating shots. Lucy even stops singing to throw his own dagger. Meanwhile, Lamila runs and leaps from the bow of the ship into the dragon’s mouth, hurling a pot filled with all of Alfred’s poisons down its gullet before grabbing onto the uvula.

The party flees from the bow as the dragon bites into their ship, puncturing their balloon and crushing much of the prow. Alfred’s poisons include the blend that removed the Starry Ones’ flight and the dragon starts to sink with the ship in its mouth. Panicking, it breathes a powerful gravity breath that nearly kills Lamila in its throat and further mangles the ship, damaging the whole crew and knocking some of Lucy’s followers unconscious. They brace for impact as the ship and dragon hit the ground, the landing killing some of Lucy’s followers and Lamila.

Those still living leap to their feet, Alfred starting a long death spell and Doane firing with abandon as the dragon thrashes against the impact of the massive poison cocktail and Lucy and his remaining followers attempt to drag Lamila out by the rope around her waist. Alfred’s spell finishes the dragon and the rest of the enemy flee while flying facsimiles sent by Hilbrent arrive. Lucy’s men line up the fallen and he casts a powerful spell to resurrect them all.

In the days to follow, the Starry Ones withdraw again into the deep underdark and the party are lauded as heroes for the triumph.

Thanks for reading the finale of the Tyranny of Mundanity campaign. Soon we’ll do the epilogue night, but most of the players are already well into the character creation for the next campaign: the Primordial Frontier, a Spelljammer inspired future for the world.

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