Hero Kids: The Overwhelming Infestation

Having played the Basement O’ Rats introduction with two of my nephews, my youngest brother, my youngest sister, and my two daughters over the break, we have adopted Hero Kids as the system for my two daughters (5 and 3) for the time being (we had been playing 5e). Saturday we were preparing for the first session with just the two of them and the elder, (S), insisted on rerunning Basement O’ Rats, but using all the printed rat minis we had (16 rats and 2 rat kings). (C) continued to play the Hunter (hair whip version),  but (S) thought she better switch from the Warlock (fire version with AoE) to a Healer. I tried to dissuade her, since the Warlock area damage could do significant work and they would have potions, but she was certain that they would need more healing. I underestimated the value of healing against these low attack enemies, she may have made the better choice.

In the cellar, I deployed the 16 rats, but left off their pack tactics. The girls kept their characters in the back corner where only two could attack and came through using only one potion, which they probably could have gone without.

I skipped ahead to the rat king’s lair, where the two kings were joined by about a dozen rats and I gave them their pack tactics back. They again huddled in the corner, and after blowing one potion, (S) realized that she could just heal (C) on her turn if she went down, while (C) did the damage and reserved her potions for (S) in case she went down. They took down one king (because C chose to prioritize it, correctly, since bringing down regular rats would only allow the kings to approach with their stronger attack die pool), but a bad round of rolls dropped them both at the same time, punishing them for the risk they took holding the potions for maximum value.

(S) is insistent that the next session will start with them escaping, which has been her experience when they are both incapacitated in the past. That makes sense to me. This new ‘campaign’ marks the start of 3 session Saturdays for me. I love my life.

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