Beside the Frozen Lake

On January 5th, Year 5, with the annual year end blizzard passed, the Citadel House adventurers ate itching to get out of the inn. As they discuss potential excursions, greet a new face, and wonder that Osiris and Rovert (during the blizzard very agitated about finding a way to lift their curse) seem to have confined themselves to their rooms, a runner from Carrie arrives speaking of the lake freezing solid and wolves crossing over to terrorize the village. A team is gathered to go free the fishermen and farmers from their homes:

  • Agon (HuS): Level 4 Elf Magic-user (Mind Harm and Travel)
    • Ventius, Level 2 Bear Animal Companion
  • Conan (MiM): Level 3 Elf Vampire Magic-user (Fire and Wind)
    • Scar, Level 2 Hawk Familiar
  • Q (TrS): Level 3 Human Thief
  • Caramon (CoB): Level 2 Human Fighter
  • Ale’filia (DaS): Level 1 Elf Cleric of the The Living Water

With the roads deep in snow, the only tracks being those of the runner who had struggled through the night to reach them, they expect to arrive in Carrie just before dark. As they go, about an hour from Carrie, they come upon three frost wolves and their alpha, which they defeat while sustaining only minor wounds. They proceed, but begin to fear they will not arrive before dark.

Indeed, the sun sets and Agon empowers his scabbard with light to guide them through the snow to Carrie. As they approach, they hear eerie howls rapidly closing in on them. Conan, Caramon, and Ale’filia make it into a cottage and bar the door, but Q and Agon are left outside, Q climbing onto the roof while Agon stands his ground. Over a dozen wolves gather at the edge of the light as Agon casts a spell he has been contemplating on the walk, one component of which he obtains from his enchanted tome of knowledge.

He finishes the spell, and seeing no apparent effect, the wolves attack, the first few vanishing only to fall and shatter a short distance away. The others stop, but Agon inflicts a hatred spell upon them all, compelling them to attack. They all fall and shatter in the same fashion, but one who nearly manages to flee before Q’s throwing knife takes it. Inside the cottage, they learn that the wolves arrived the night before, the lake freezing solid as they crossed. The villagers have been hiding all day, but the man believes that they may have gotten all the wolves.

They spend the night in the cottage, and in the morning see no more wolves around the village or signs that any left but those they met on the road. With no other leads and only a vague theory that the wolves might be fey related, they cross the frozen lake to see if the satyrs know anything of the wolves. Conan, having visited the satyr village once before, manages to lead them to it. They arrive after dark at their party bonfire, where some of them join in the festivities until late into the night before collapsing in a nearby satyr hut.

In the morning, they approach the village elder about the wolves and learn that she has heard legends of them, but that they haven’t been seen in many generations. The satyrs set about preparing in their manner: to avoid the wolves until the snows melt and they disappear on their own. The party spends the next couple days returning to Citadel with plans to follow the river South of the lake on Monday (perhaps with some more veteran members) to seek the source of wolves. They advise Matthias to send some of the Citadel guard to protect Carrie against future arrivals, but with the lake mostly melted, such an attack seems unlikely.

Coming back from break, I had no requests from the people, so they were left to make their own plan. They had some interesting excursions ideas, into areas I was ill-prepared for, so I’m glad they couldn’t agree on one and I could introduce this to get things moving.

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