Research Trip

On November 17th, while the Vale buzzed with planning and discussion to get them through the winter after the burning of some of the lesser silos, Rovert escaped to the ruined castle near Satyr lands, looking for a place to study and work in peace.

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 3 Human Magic-user (Death and Mental Harm)
    • Drej, Level 3 Pseudodragon Familiar

The castle is about half a day walk from Citadel and Rovert reaches it without incident. This is his first visit to the castle, which he has only heard a little about, and he makes a quick pass of the first floor before scrambling up to the second, finding all of the rooms there unsuited to his needs. Everywhere he goes, he hears a scratching and skittering of some animal.

A slightly more strenuous climb gets him to the third floor, a tower with one completely intact room. He locks himself inside and begins his study. Near sundown, three giant rats disturb his study with an attempt to enter at the door and he kills them with a death spell (using ‘soa’ to put it outside the door without the explosion also passing through the doors and walls, requiring a barely successful Magical Intuition check). He continues to study into the night (we really just discussed what the spell he’s trying to build would take), but just before he settles in for the night, he hears scratching inside the chimney.

He quickly moves a dresser in front of the fireplace, but soon the rat is beating against it while he casts a spell. He finishes the spell just as a rat bursts through the flimsy back into the room. The spell kills it handily and he hears others in the fireplace perish. Before going to sleep, he laboriously moves the desk in front of the fireplace. He passes the rest of the night undisturbed and returns to Citadel. Rovert levels up and gains the spell components he needs for the spells he was researching.

It’s tough to get a good session going with one character, but TrS has long had a desire to get some clerical work out of the way with the magic system. It was a session well spent.

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