Raglan’s Journal 11

Invern put us in an unconnected part of the city, at least physically. We were able to liberate several dwarves, slaying many cultists, demonic dogs, and a copper dragon worshipping Tiamat in the process. To my shame, the dragon was able to frighten me and as a result, some of the cultists were able to escape through a portal with two of the dwarves.

With Anduin’s blessing, I pursued them through the portal, but found myself fighting a wizard on the other side with no dwarves or cultists in sight. The wizard fled my blade and I find now that my companions did not join me because the portal closed behind me. I write this in a moment of respite while I recover from the strain of battle. When I have regained my strength, I will venture further into this place and hopefully rescue the dwarves or find a place I can sleep a night.

My suicide mission proves unnecessary. Anduin and Juniper managed to restore the portal and join me on this side, along with Gordon and the dwarves. We are encamping here for a full night so Juniper can heal our disease and we can continue our attack in this part of the city. I hope we can soon find something effectual to do here. I see no evidence yet that we have done anything to hinder Tiamat and her cultists.

I fully expected Raglan to die when he ran through the portal right before it went down. Luckily, there was little to fear and I had one rage left. Bear totem is nuts.

These journal entries are going to be in-character play reports from ByW’s campaign, which we are going to alternate playing with the Tyranny of Mundanity campaign. My character, Raglan “the Light”, admires RiH’s character, Anduin Damian and follows him believing his place in history will be as a companion of the royal adventurer. He is impressed with their elven companion, Juniper (played by BiW), but does not know her well.

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