Sabotage in the Vale

On November 10th, with the blizzard having dampened adventuring enthusiasm, Rovert and Osiris decide to go take another look at the old windmill, Rovert believing that he has new experiences that will help him unravel the mystery more easily:

  • Osiris (CoB): Level 4 Elf Magic-user (Healing and Death)
  • Rovert (TrS): Level 3 Human Magic-user (Death and Mental Harm)
    • Drej, Level 3 Pseudodragon Familiar

With three days of food, they return to the old windmill. They find the charred sticks and bones from the teenagers’ fire scattered outside the windmill door, apparently thrown out before the blizzard. A swift search of the old building turns up no special aura of death there and no immediate sign of the ghost. They decide not to spend any more of the week there, instead returning to Citadel to try to get more information.

In the morning, they approach Michael of the Citadel Guard to learn more about the children who reported seeing the ghosts. Michael, typically leery of adventurers and particularly Rovert and Osiris, refuses to point them toward the reporting youths, but does pass on their report that the creature they described as a ghost appeared inside the windmill with them, near the stairs, and that it moaned angrily while it scattered their fire. Some remembered the sound of chains rattling, but none saw the ghost well, since their light was extinguished the moment it arrived and they dared not linger. They don’t press Michael for access to the witnesses themselves, and while they consider whether to return to the windmill or go about some other business, a cry of “fire” goes up and they quickly learn that there is a fire in Timberford.

With the help of will strengthening enchants, Osiris and Rovert manage to run most of the way to Timberford, finding the silo fire there extinguished with only a little damage to the harvest stored there. Finding the fire well in hand, they head South toward Carrie, following kobold tracks found when someone implied seeing them leaving town to the South.

The overtake the Kobolds, five of them, fighting in a tight, disciplined unit against some of the women and old men of Carrie. The area of effect spells they’ve prepared risk harming the villagers, so Rovert calls for them to withdraw. While they get clear, the kobold archer brings down a rock throwing woman before she can run. Osiris looses his arrow anyway, hitting the kobold in the rear and unleashing a blast of death that brings down all but one of the kobolds.

While Rovert engages the remaining kobold, his black sword against its shield and sword, Osiris runs to the fallen woman. He finds her alive and manages to heal her for the others to take her away. Together, they finish the kobold, having saved many Carrie lives.

They return to Timberford, where they learn that another fire in Kite almost completely destroyed the silo there and filled with the harvest from the few farmers living there. With no other help to offer, Rovert convinces Osiris to accompany him back to the tomb to retrieve the heart of the lizardfolk they killed there. With a light drizzle most of the afternoon, they stay in Iron Fields, where they learn that the silo there was also set on fire, but with minimal damage again. The next day, Wednesday, they nearly reach the tomb (camping with the road builders near where they intend to leave the road) and in the morning go the rest of the way where Rovert carefully extracts the heart. They go much of the way back to the Vale, but are slowed by light thunderstorm in the afternoon. In the morning, fog obscures their path, slowing them enough that they decide to take the old footpath directly to Citadel, avoiding Iron Fields.

The path isn’t suitable for carts, but they make almost the same time they would have on the new road on a shorter path. After being attacked by a tree in the fog, which they flee, they arrive in Citadel in the late evening, where they warn Matthias of the predator tree on the path. Osiris levels up.

This was the perfect week to wander the Vale. The attack has been planned for months, and they were there ready to save lives.

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