Haven Peripheral Activity Report 10/2018

The Haven real-time campaign continues. I’ve held off an extra month since the players haven’t been doing much out-of-session, and the world hasn’t had a lot of shift recently outside of their actions.

Agon (HuS) moved out of the Ancient Dwarven Prison, leaving it in the hands of Percy. Percy has mostly done a good job of taking over, including accepting the first new prisoner: Torren. Agon finally left in order to take on a vital role negotiating with the Union of Schek orcs, being the best orcish speaker in the Vale. His efforts produced a strong treaty with the Union.

Conflict with the Dragon Empire has greatly diminished with only a small skirmish with a pair of kobold scouts. Though no progress has been made in finding common intent or reaching any agreement beyond the area around the temple, it seems as if admitting the diplomat has at least led to Dragon Empire recognition of Vale lands. Rovert has learned the Lizardfolk tongue from the diplomat.

The improved cart road from Iron Fields to the gnomish Great Road Mine is most of the way there, with the Vale building team over halfway North and almost done with the portion they agreed to. This building effort has benefited greatly from Citadel House Adventurers frequenting the road in recent weeks to deal with a troublesome tomb. The gnomes have started to build from the North southward, but have made far less progress than they agreed to and the road is unlikely to be completed before the winter, which may make food deliveries during the winter difficult.

Missionary efforts continue with the satyrs and the gnomes. Matthias has selected six men who are being taught orcish in hopes to go among the Union of Schek in the spring.

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