Shadow of the Dragon King

On October 27th, with all but the sarcophagus chamber of the tomb explored, Rovert returns with Verdis to deal with whatever danger might be within and obtain the treasure:

  • Verdis (HuS): Level 9 Human Fighter
  • Conan (MiM): Level 3 Elf Vampire Magic-user (Fire and Wind)
    • Scar, Level 2 Hawk Familiar
  • Rovert (TrS): Level 3 Human Magic-user (Death and Mental Harm)
    • Drej, Level 3 Pseudodragon Familiar

As the road has been improving and the way is well known to Rovert, they arrive safely at the tomb by noon on Tuesday. Once there, they decide to wait until morning to go in, to be fully rested and allow Rovert to recover his spell points spent animating the ogre corpse in skeleton form.

In the morning, they enter the tomb, showing Verdis back to the sarcophagus room. They find the doors thrown wide open and inside the lid off the sarcophagus, which is full of a green liquid with a magical aura of life. Three undead lie broken on the ground wearing significant jewelry and magical loot including Whisper Robes, a Resolute Ring, a Ring of Dexterity, an Unerring Spear, and a Lantern of Lights. Verdis inspects the area near the sarcophagus and determines something came out of the sarcophagus since the last visit by the Citadel House adventurers.

They return to the entrance of the tomb, intending to prevent any escape through a systematic search. They soon find their quarry in the throne room where they previously fought three mighty skeletons. As they approach, a cloying darkness dims Rovert’s light, but Conan sees someone sitting in the throne. He creates a light with the lantern and they all see a masked, winged lizardfolk, chest gaping with an over-sized heart exposed.

It addresses them in the lizardfolk tongue, which Rovert has been learning, calling itself the “Dragon King” and wondering if they are worshipers or the intruders who destroyed those who were meant to awaken with him and caused his early awakening. They flippantly confess the second!

In the ensuing battle, Verdis keeps the creature grounded with his Chime Ring and he and the ogre engage. The dragonhearted is strong, able to parry the ogre and evading most of Verdis’ efforts. Drej is forced to be more careful when he is caught in a cone of death breath. Rovert casts a five round spell while Verdis and the ogre skeleton pull the enemy closer. Conan, having missed with his arrows, almost hits him with a gout of fire before withdrawing to not interfere with Verdis and the ogre leading it to Rovert.

When Rovert finishes his spell, it deals the dragonhearted a great deal of damage and helps set him off balance for Verdis to land the finishing blow. From him they gather his burial mask and other jewelry, as well as an Arrow Interdicting Necklace, a Magic Protection belt, and his black sword with a mysterious aura of dark, wind (indirect), and soa, which clearly possesses a magic outside of the magic they well understand.

After verifying that the rest of the tomb is clear, they depart with their loot, distributing it back at Citadel.

This boss taught me a few things. First, that I still don’t have a great grasp on combat difficulty levels in Mind Weave, the system I created, and second, I was worried it would be too powerful in the close quarters of the sarcophagus room, and was able to make that a lot easier by having it come out!

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