Again into the Tomb

On October 20th, three adventurers, all of whom had been among those who discovered the lizardfolk tomb the week before while hunting an ogre, set out to further explore the tomb. They are:

  • Osiris (CoB): Level 4 Elf Magic-user (Life and Death)
  • Randall (HuS): Level 4 Human Druid (Plant Growth and Control)
    • Oliver, Level 4 Fox Animal Companion
  • Rovert (TrS): Level 2 Human Magic-user (Death and Mental Harm)
    • Drej, Level 2 Pseudodragon Familiar

Aronis of the previous party is still recovering from the stress of his many wounds and the magical healing thereof, and Conan is too unsettled at the prospect of fighting undead to return. The remaining three hope to find great treasure in the tomb and set out with the necessary supplies.

Despite heavy rain through the afternoon, the new road helps them arrive at the site if their previous camp. There, Rovert animates the two kobolds killed by Randall the week before, but finding one of them too slow to keep up, dismisses it.

The night passes uneventfully and by noon on Tuesday, they arrive at the tomb again. As they enter (Rovert binding a light spell on a throwing knife with Extend Encharge), they find nothing different from how they left it the week before. Randall retrieves a couple javelins from the spear traps that wounded Rovert and Aronis and they soon arrive at the doors that they previously fled from.

Through the first, they encounter three lizardfolk skeletons with sword and shield, which they slay with only Drej taking damage (which is healed by Osiris’ area heals to damage the skeletons).

They remember the second containing many lizardfolk zombies, so Osiris begins casting a Great Heal (modified to damage undead, have range, and have AoE). Rovert throws the door open and Osiris finalizes his spell. As light pours into the room, the explosion of life turns half of the zombies (those near the epicenter) to dust, burning others. They move into the room, quickly finishing the remaining zombies before they can be overwhelmed at all.

As they leave that room, they see three more lizardfolk undead with staffs approaching from the other end of the hall. The undead quickly pin the party in the dead end with the two doors (they won the initiative roll). They quickly realize that they will lose the war of attrition if Osiris continues to use small spells as one of them heals the other two and Randall and Rovert are forced to dodge back from Touch of Death as the other two advance. Osiris attempts a Greater Casting, on-power Great Heal with damage and AoE that requires the other two to hold the enemy at bay for three rounds.

The big spell does some serious damage, allowing them to drop one off the front two Dead Lords. Randall takes orangutan form and tackles the back Dead Lord to stop it healing the other. He is able to distract it look enough for the others to drop the other, Osiris expending all the rest of his spell points in half efficiency life damage. Together, they whittle down the remaining enemy, the orangutan bursting enough damage to prevent it healing itself. They loot the Dead Lords’ staffs and crowns, as well as the magical robes worn by their leader.

With Osiris’ magic expended and all of them tired from the powerful burst of healing they were exposed to, they return to the tomb entrance and prepare a camp where they rest the remainder of the day and each sleep 8 hours during the night despite taking watches. With most of Osiris’ spell points regenerated, they again enter the tomb.

At the back of the remaining tunnel, they come upon another door, inside four more lizardfolk zombies arise, these arrayed in fine but rotted clothes and wearing tarnished jewelry. Rovert removes one from the fight with one of the dead lord staffs, having it attack the others. They quickly beat them down and loot them before continuing toward the massive stone door at the end of the hall. On the way, javelins wound Rovert and Osiris as another trap triggers; Osiris heals them.

The door doesn’t open easily, but together Osiris and Rovert are able to push the stone slab a little before a hand reaches out and drains the life from Osiris. He withdraws and heals himself and Rovert commands the Dead Lord to attack the other undead in the room. After a second command, it returns early, apparently having slain all the undead.

Having heard of the dangers in the final tomb chamber beneath Wraecliff’s Castle, they don’t dare to enter the sarcophagus room and return, planning to return the next week with Verdis, who was present for the previous tomb. Randall, upset by commanding undead to battle other undead, intends not to return.

Back in Citadel, they sell the jewelry and Dead Lord crowns. Randall and Rovert level up.

Torren has been a promising villain for some time now. I had hoped he would escape into orc lands and cause political troubles, but he decided to come back for his monkey. Who knows what will become of him going forward?

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