Broken Tomb

On October 13th, a Monday, five Citadel House Adventurers set out to hunt the ogre Randall saw signs of on August 14th. Despite continuing drizzle after a thunderstorm that raged through the night, they set out with 4 days of food:

  • Osiris (CoB): Level 4 Elf Magic-user (Life and Death)
  • Aronis (WaB): Level 4 Human Magic-user (Fire and Wind)
  • Randall (HuS): Level 4 Human Druid (Plant Growth and Control)
    • Oliver, Level 4 Fox Animal Companion
  • Conan (MiM): Level 3 Elf Vampire Magic-user (Fire and Wind)
    • Scar, Level 2 Hawk Familiar
  • Rovert (TrS): Level 1 Human Magic-user (Death and Mental Harm)
    • Drej, Level 1 Pseudodragon Familiar

By evening, they have followed the new road beyond the improved portion and made camp about a mile past the laborer camp in a place adventurers have often camped since the discovery of the road. During the night, a pair of kobolds come upon their camp. Rovert is on watch when they come and is struck by an arrow while he flees into the tent. While he wakes the others, arrows shatter against the crystal dome appearing around their tent.

They wait in the tent for the kobolds to close with them, but Randall (unseen in his hammock under the sliver moon) orders the trees to intercept them and makes quick work if them. Their equipment is the low quality fare they have come to expect from kobold scouts and Randall leaves it.

The rest of the night passes uneventfully and by 11 on Tuesday they divert from the road near where Randall saw the tracks. Randall sends Oliver to ask around among the animals for the ogre. Oliver soon returns with rumors of the ogre hunting in the area, especially to the West. They thwack their way West from the road, following the steep southern slope of a hill. By 1pm, they come upon torn up earth and brush they take to be the ogre’s work. It was busy during and since the rain and they continue skirting the hill, roughly following the signs.

Before much longer, they come to a door in the cliffside with many fresh tracks coming and going. On closer inspection, the door is partly broken down and one side of the doorway is chipped away. It is clearly not ogre construction (upon seeing this, Osiris suggests it might contain one of the seal keys to the tomb of Luath Draoidh), but the damage and the bones littering the room beyond mark it as being adopted by one.

They determine to lure the ogre out, preparing three death encharges (Osiris on two arrows and Rovert on a throwing knife) and Aronis casting a fire trap on the fallen stone door to be triggered when stepped on. While Aronis, Conan, and Osiris go in to lure the ogre out, Rovert and Randall wait outside, Randall growing a nearby tree for the ambush.

Of the four doors off the antechamber, one has been torn down and widened and another stands open to a hallway. They brave the stench and glance through the broken down doorway, but seeing no sign of the ogre or other doors, they follow the other corridor. Old blood stains mark the open door and wall beyond and broken javelins litter the floor. As they pass, Conan sees a number of holes in the right wall.

Having no other light source than the diffuse sunlight filtering in through the antechamber, they soon reach an intersection beyond which even the elves can see little. They decide to return and inspect the chamber beyond the broken door, finding it strewn with bones and containing a bed of large boughs and a pile of putrid feces. A quick inspection reveals nothing else of interest, so Aronis fashions a crude torch and they go back to the intersection.

With the dim, flickering light, the elves are able to see a door off the right corridor. With no other immediate prospects, they go to that door, seeing a second at the end of the corridor. Aronis opens it and in the wavering light sees movement inside. Conan can see a dozen lizardfolk standing and calls for the others to run. Conan and Osiris flee and Aronis quickly puts down a magical gale blowing into the room that extinguishes his torch before he runs as well. This gives them a significant head start and they all gather behind Randall’s strengthened tree.

As the first lizardfolk steps into the sunlight, it steps on Aronis’ fire-trapped door, triggering it. The explosion of fire incinerates all of the lizardfolk, igniting a tree near the door, singeing the tree they stand near, and burning the whole party a little.

Randall speaks to the large tree, who is quite flustered by the sudden appearance and disappearance of the fire. It informs him that the ogre is out on the hunt, but will probably be back soon. With this news, Rovert joins the delving party, leaving Randall on lookout.

They quickly identify the charred lizardfolk as fleshy undead and, with a magically glowing throwing knife for light, they arrive at the room the zombies came from. They find 12 stone slabs there and paintings on the walls depicting lizardfolk dying on spears to protect a lizardfolk king. The chamber seems solely intended for housing these undead and they move on to the door at the end of the hall.

On the way, Rovert in front steps on a pressure plate and javelins spray from the wall, several striking Rovert and Aronis. Osiris heals them and they continue, finding that the door opens onto a wider corridor. To the left, the elves can see a chamber with pillars, so they go to investigate that. In the chamber is a throne at the far end, flanked by two dragon statues and four skeletons.

After an attempt to preemptively strike a skeleton with a healing spell, the skeletons attack. In the ensuing battle, Conan immediately flees while the others fight. Conan calls Randall to help and he soon arrives with the help of his magical boots. With weapons, concussive magic, orangutan form, and eventually life damage, they defeat the four skeletons at the cost of almost all their sorry points and Aronis going down twice.

Toward the end of the battle, Aronis finds himself too exhausted to continue the fight and stumbles away with Conan’s help. They make their way back toward the entrance and arrive to see the ogre returning. They again retreat and hide in the zombie room.

While Osiris and Rovert search the throne room for loot, Randall goes looking for the other two and comes upon the ogre eating the charred zombies. The ogre sees him, but is unable to pursue down the tomb’s narrow corridors.

With the ogre unable to reach them, they gather again and strike at it quickly with Osiris’ two death encharged arrows (Osiris and Conan each firing one) that wither and kill the ogre. By now, it is evening and they leave the tomb to have dinner and make camp. Aronis is near collapse, but hopes to explore the rest of the tomb in the morning, along with Rovert.

During the night, an adventuring party of gnolls who introduce themselves as the Black Hammer Adventurers arrives on their camp, come to hunt the ogre for honor. They are impressed to hear that the ogre is already dead and accept the invitation to join the camp on the word of Randall (who the animals have told them a lot about) that they will be safe. The rest of the night passes uneventfully and they awake with Randall, Conan, and Osiris ready to escort the Black Hammer back to Citadel where they have invited them to stay the winter, having accomplished the mission.

While they prepare to go, Rovert and Aronis enter the tomb again, where they find the main entrance to the wide corridor, are struck by two more javelin traps, and open doors to find many more undead in the tomb. They withdraw, intending to return at a later date when they have recovered from their wounds and the exhaustion of magical healing.

By noon on Thursday, they and the gnolls arrive in Citadel, where the gnolls meet with Matthias before returning to adventuring in the area until closer to winter.

The ogre hunt went mostly as expected. Finding its lair empty steered things further into the tomb, which was great. The players were worried it would be a single simple fight and a short session, but the tomb was a great surprise, and the arrival of the gnolls really topped it off.

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