Biweekly Item-Mukdue, Sentient Bag of Holding


MukdueColorShaded2In an ancient mass grave near the Vale River, North of the new village of Timberford, Verdis and Lonir of the Citadel House Adventurers discovered a magical bag that weighed as if empty. It spoke to them, refusing to give them access to its contents. It accused them of stealing it from it’s master.

It since traveled with Verdis. At first, it caused him trouble by calling for people to rescue it when in public. As they have gained its trust, it has allowed them to use it to temporarily store some things during transit. They hope to someday demonstrate to it that its master is long dead and convince it to give them access to the other contents it holds. They have no idea what to expect.

Mukdue is a sentient bag of holding that speaks only elvish. Its contents are ordered, meaning that any item can be accessed instantly, provided the user knows what they want out of it and it is there. It can hold up to 150 pounds of items that fit through the widely opening mouth. It already contains 97 pounds of its previous owner’s traveling kit, precious goods, magical equipment, and carnival purchases.

Since the bag has gone senile, in isolation among the dead elves in the grave, it rejects most evidence offered for its master’s demise. Its default disposition is manic refusal to accept anyone but its master carrying, but with time it realizes that it misses conversation and companionship.

I wanted to give the players a bag of holding, but I didn’t want it to solve all of their logistical problems. It has pretty much accepted them using it for their own things, which only provides 50 pounds or so of contents. This serves my purpose, but also promises a quest to triple the capacity.


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