Pursuing the Fugitive

On September 29th, a cool and overcast day, three seasoned adventurers set out to hunt Torren, the adventurer-turned-fugitive who is believed to be living near the dwarven prison. They are:

  • Osiris (CoB): Level 4 Elf Magic-user
  • Simon (JeA): Level 4 Human Druid
    • Fenris, Level 3 Wolf Animal Companion
  • Randall (HuS): Level 4 Human Druid
    • Oliver, Level 4 Fox Animal Companion

With three days of food, they set out early and arrive in Iron Fields around noon, where they take lunch and split up asking for news of Torren. Speaking with Jacob Pharoe’s men, Osiris learns that someone had been seen a number of times near the prison but had eluded them. Simon learns that some of the grain from the ongoing harvest was stolen five days ago. Randall only comes upon some children playing at being adventurers who become shy when he approaches. With this information, they decide to continue on to the prison and see if they can pick up Torren’s trail there, believing that he is frequently observing the prison in an effort to get Agon alone.

As they approach the prison door, they see someone running into the woods. They immediately assume it is Torren and Fenris, Oliver, and Randall (with fleet boots) take off after him, expecting to gain quickly until Torren assumes cheetah form and bolts into the woods. Giving up a short chase, they begin tracking, hoping to find him before the snow Randall senses coming in a few hours.

Simon is easily able to keep the track. But as they follow, a dart passes close to Simon’s head. He doesn’t see the source in the trees, but Randall soon does: Torren’s monkey with a blow gun. It darts Osiris, but with a poison dose low enough he easily resists it. With the help of the trees and Fenris, they take the monkey. After severing its tail, it agrees to lead them to Torren.

Along the way, the monkey leads them into a snare that Simon easily recognizes. No longer trusting the monkey, Simon tracks a little while longer, but as the sun sets and the snow begins, they make camp several miles from the prison.

During the night, on Randall’s watch, Torren arrives and sets to work about a hundred feet outside the camp. He allows them to surround his position, but when they approach, they see by the faint moonlight that he is surrounded with pits. Torren casts a darkness spell on his own position, complicating their attack. Simon approaches the edge of the dark and starts to cast a fireball while Osiris casts a light near himself, a death beam into the dark, and then a death burst at the center of it. The death burst wounds Simon, but he finishes his fireball, igniting a flash of light that shows no sign of Torren within the dark.

While Simon backs up, Osiris puts a powerful light source inside the dark that overpowers it and reveals Torren is not there.

Spinning, Randall sees Torren working to free the monkey from the tree they tied it to. At Randall’s command, the tree grabs at Torren, who tears free with the monkey in hand. Fenris engages Torren while Osiris approaches and Simon looses an arrow. Despite Torren throwing the bound monkey at Fenris, again using darkness, and summoning an embankment of earth, the party manages to take him, badly bloodied but alive.

Torren refuses to walk, so they wait until morning to break camp and Randall calls animals from around, conscripting two whitetail deer to carry Torren for an hour before they depart. Randall then takes orangutan form to help Osiris carry him the remaining couple hours to the prison.

At the prison, they present Torren to Percy, who picks a cell near his office for he and the monkey to be held.

They return to Mathias and report success in capturing Torren and bringing him to the prison. Mathias is wroth to imprison someone indefinitely and tells them he will be going to speak to Torren in coming days.

Torren has been a promising villain for some time now. I had hoped he would escape into orc lands and cause political troubles, but he decided to come back for his monkey. Who knows what will become of him going forward?

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