A Ghost at the Windmill

On September 21st, Osiris feels compelled to take action concerning Conan. With Rovert’s arrival came a very visible collection of books of magic, especially more questionable magics. Osiris picks one of his many pockets, obtaining a book which he studies to learn of a way to turn death energies to healing. With this knowledge, he goes to Conan’s room after dark and casts the spell, bringing Conan gasping back to life.

Rovert has a connection with his books and has followed Osiris to the room. He immediately recognizes Conan as a vampire (Osiris now knows of a surety that he is an undead if some kind). While Osiris goes to spread the good news, Rovert convinces Conan (who is starving) to accompany him to get some food. He leads the skeptical Conan to the butcher where they are able to obtain a bucket of blood under the guise of Rovert needing it for experiments. Back in Rovert’s room, Conan drinks most of it, feeling much of his strength returning. Rovert counsels him to not indulge in humanoid blood. Conan then returns to his bed to continue his recovery and Rovert then seeks out Osiris, convincing him to keep his knowledge of Conan’s undead state to himself, if not for blackmail, then out of kindness.

In the morning, the three of them gather again to investigate reports that children were chased from the old windmill in the South of the Vale. They are:

  • Osiris (CoB): Level 4 Elf Magic-user
  • Conan (MiM): Level 2 Elf Magic-user
    • Scar, Level 1 Hawk Familiar
  • Rovert (TrS): Level 1 Human Magic-user
    • Drej, Level 1 Psuedodragon Familar

Not sure how long they will need to spend at the windmill, which is three hours from Citadel across open fields, they bring 2 days of food and set out. They arrive at the windmill to find it little different than they have left it on previous visits but for evidence of a small fire on the ground floor the children must have made. Osiris pockets some of the black pebbles on the second floor and Rovert heads to the roof to look around. He doesn’t find anything different than previous adventurers have seen but for some new, adolescent carvings in the stone.

Out of the corner of his eye, though, he thinks he sees one of the autumn-trees in the distance turn green. Though Conan stays below, out of the sun, Osiris ascends and together they look out at a thin line of green trees in the midst of the fall colors that stretches out to the Southeast, widening as it approaches the horizon. With several hours until nightfall, they prepare a fire and beds on the second floor of the windmill, Rovert believing the ghost will only manifest at night. They pass the rest of the day studying and napping to be sure they are well enough rested to respond to the ghost during the night.

Conan’s and Osiris’ watches pass uneventfully, but during Rovert’s watch he hears a song on the wind. He wakes the others and they go up to the roof, hearing the song more clearly there. It is a beautiful, celebratory song and comes to them from the Southeast. The moon is nearly full and they look out over the forest, Conan using his far sight to see a red and yellow tree turn green somewhat closer to them than the green trees had previously been. While the others descend, Conan takes bat form, and flies into the woods with Drej following him.

As he draws nearer the song, he feels a compulsion to go to it and flies until he comes before a greenish-hued woman clothed in moss and bark. She is surprised to see the bat and turns to it, speaking in a sing-song ethereal language he doesn’t comprehend and stroking it. While he stands entranced, he feels the irresistible urge to reassume his elf form. When he does, she is frightened, her song becoming a frantic staccato as the trees grab Conan and she flees into a tree, appearing again in the woods a ways away. Drej, seeing the change, flees back to the others who are approaching through the wood. Her singing stops and Conan struggles against the trees, escaping far enough to take bat form and fly back to the others.

Conan reaches them not far behind Drej and they proceed to go to where Conan saw what Rovert is calling a Dryad. They attempt, since it is beginning to dawn, to follow her, going six miles in three hours before the undergrowth starts to thicken. Concerned that their food won’t last, they turn back, returning to Citadel around 2pm on Tuesday. Now with three days of food, they return to the windmill by sundown and camp again on the second floor.

During Rovert’s watch again, the first this time, he sees a shadow appear in the square of moonlight from the hatch above. He looks up and sees a head withdrawing from the hatch. He wakes Conan and tells him about the shadow and Conan takes bat form and flies up through the hatch to get a look around while Rovert wakes Osiris.

Conan rolls horribly on his perception and not well enough on his stealth and is pierced with massive talons, shrieking as he returns to elf form. The others climb onto the roof in response to the shriek and see a giant owl carrying Conan away in the moonlight, a rider on its back. While Drej gives pursuit, they run down the windmill tower to give chase.

Meanwhile, Conan struggles against the talons to no avail until he casts a burst of fire, killing the giant owl. He falls 30 feet through the trees, the fall nearly killing him. While the owl crashes into the forest beyond him, Conan heals himself with death energy before running back to the others.

Together, they approach the crashed owl that Drej reports to be killed with powerful claws. The owl has no saddle or bags, but as they draw near, Osiris and Conan sense a magical aura and they start to search the area. The aura becomes quickly more clear to Conan: light, dark, Des, Zo, Ros, Bi. As he is about to call the others over, he feels claws strike deep into his back.

Hearing Conan’s cry, Rovert realizes what is happening and commands Drej to knock down the invisible attacker, rushing in himself to kick the enemy and try to pin him beneath a foot. The unseen foe struggles free and onto its feet. Osiris and Conan try to tackle it, but it eludes them, Osiris only feeling cloak and fur.

Rovert also fails to tackle the invisible assailant, also feeling fur as it sidesteps him. Conan goes on the defensive, fleeing as it continues to strike at him. Osiris fails to find it for further grapple attempts. Rovert again relies on Drej to fly around until he makes contact and, seeing where the enemy is, uses his pocket watch to freeze time. He runs to the spot, feeling for the enemy’s exact location and repeatedly bludgeoning it in the back of the head before running out of spell points and becoming frozen himself.

Conan and Osiris see Rovert vanish and reappear near where Drej impacted the enemy and an invisible body hit the ground at his feet. Conan draws his sword and stabs successfully through the enemy’s leg, getting a growling response. Osiris, runs around to cut at the other leg with his axe, and is clawed by the prone enemy on the way, but lands a glancing blow.

With Rovert still frozen, the prone enemy roars, striking fear into Conan and Osiris. Despite this, Conan is able to take his spear in both hands and plunge it through the unseen torso of his foe, eliciting an abbreviated snarl. Apparently still unsure about the enemy’s exact position, Osiris kicks for its head, hitting only air.

Rovert returns to normal time to see Osiris and Conan kicking something unseen lying in a pool of blood before him and is outraged upon realizing they have killed their assailant rather than capturing it. Osiris offers to heal it, but Rovert doubts it will cooperate in any way now, even if it can be revived. While they discuss, the invisibility ends and a humanoid figure with features that remind them of a tiger appears, wearing a close fitting red robe with Conan’s spear through it.

They roll the tiger man over to find him unclothed beneath the robe but for a belt that holds the robe close. There is a roll of paper tucked in the belt and two pouches hang from it. Magical auras cling all around him, like a rich bouquet of smells to Osiris’ and Conan’s magic sense. They loot the body and learn the following:

  • Pouch with Three Pebbles that explode when thrown
    • Blue: ice damage
    • Indigo/Violet: mind/dark/earth
    • Indigo/Orange: mind/dark/death/water
  • Pouch with powder with an aura of light/dark/Zo/Des/Ros/bi/re
  • Red Robe: wind/liu/Ros/Oh
  • Paper with a language that looks like no mortal tongue they have seen.

As it is the middle of the night, they return to the windmill with their loot and watch through the rest of the night for the ghost.

Wednesday morning, they go back out to make sure they didn’t miss anything on the tiger or owl and Conan makes a rough attempt to skin the tiger. That done, he prepares the tattered pretty to tan and they pass the day in the windmill, intending to stay another night in hopes the ghost will manifest.

Wednesday night passes uneventfully, so with enough food to get through another day,  they pass Thursday in the windmill. The ghost also fails to manifest Thursday night, so in the morning they return to Citadel.

As they return to their rooms, Osiris is attacked by his bed sheets and he and Rovert are forced to cut them to pieces. The unusual egg he’d left on his bed is missing. After settling in, they visit Jared the Alchemist who informs them that their powder is able to make people and things invisible for a minute. There is enough for 2 people-sized objects left in the pouch and Conan and Rovert split it. They take the robe to Matthias who magically repairs the hole in it and informs them that it must have some kind of trigger that activates its still unknown ability while worn.

Lastly, they bring the paper with the unusual text to Agon, recently returned from his diplomatic mission, and ask him to use his book of knowledge to read the unusual text on the paper. Doing so gives him a splitting headache, but he is able to transcribe “Vampire, 10 miles Northwest. Please eliminate.” Rovert passed this off, saying that the attacker must have believed them to be the vampire or one of his associates.

A pretty eventful session, all things considered. They handled things pretty well at it seemed like these three characters would be forming some kind of click. I don’t know if more will come of it.

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