Biweekly Item-Blood Bloom


First, fill a small bottle with the mixture of one part chlaymid’s blood (the blood of a shaman is best) and five parts water (some say hot spring water is more compatible. Take great care to add the water first and be patient to let the mixture homogenize naturally.

Second, put a freshly cut bloom (a lighter hue of petal makes it easier to verify success) into the bottle so about a quarter inch of the stem is in the blood-water mixture.

Third, let stand for 1 week until the bloom is dried and the petals assume a reddish tinge. Store carefully away from heat and water and avoid jostling.


This alchemical product has various uses in home and battle:

Individual petals of the bloom are extremely effective fire starters, capable of starting a fire in even the coldest conditions with the application of only a little heat. They may also be added to water to cause up to a pint to boil instantly.

If the full bloom is exposed to heat, it burns in flower of fire 15 feet in diameter, burning all around it for 2d8 damage.

Care should be taken not to smell the bloom, as effects may include burning nose, throat, and lungs, eye watering, and permanent loss of smell.

I’m trying to give my players more single use magical items. I’m usually concerned that they’ll just hold onto them and never dare to use them up, but that’s only because that’s what I do.


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