Vale-Union of Schek Treaty

This treaty shall define the relationship between the new peoples living in the lake vale Northwest of the Green Wood (“the Vale”) and the Union of Schek (“the Union”) including Schek Charuke, Schek Degrik, Schek Kagirt, Schek Garim, and Schek Micheia.

Dragon Empire Mutual Defense

The Vale shall commit up to two dozen men to the defense of the Union of Schek should the Dragon Empire enter Union lands.

In the event that the Vale is existentially threatened by the Dragon Empire, the Union shall commit as many as 100 fighters until the threat is removed.

Free Travel

Members of the Union of Schek shall be able to travel in numbers no greater than 15 within Vale lands without prior permission.

The Vale races shall be allowed to travel within Union lands in numbers less than 10, so long as they comply with Union officials.

Preferential travel rights shall be given to Union forces over those of other Schek when conflict is foreseen.

Non-Union Schek shall not be permitted to use Vale lands to attack the Union.


No tariffs shall be established between the Union and the Vale.


Union fugitives in the Vale shall be restrained and returned to the Union.

Vale fugitives in the Union shall be retrained and returned to the Vale after answering for any crimes committed in the Union.

God of Knowledge Agreement

The Vale shall facilitate a renegotiation of their agreement with the Dragon Empire concerning the dragon shrine with Union representatives involved.

Independent Schek

This treaty shall not be nullified by either party on grounds of treaties between the Vale and other Schek.

Vale treaties with other Schek shall not give them greater consideration than the Union in any regard.

Right to Perform

Union performers shall be allowed to perform in public spaces (not sacred or private) within the Vale.

Vale performers shall be welcome to perform on Schek Micheia stages on Tuesdays.

Mutual Festival Warning

The Vale and the Union shall inform each other of important Festivals and Celebrations in a timely fashion, such as to allow attendance by the other.

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