Haven Peripheral Activity Report 08/2018

This is my second out-of-session report, a little late, for the Haven real-time campaign. The players haven’t been doing much out-of-session, but NPCs act while time passes, so there are changes to the landscape worth mentioning.

Agon (HuS) has continued to watch over the Ancient Dwarven Prison. He hasn’t learned anything new, but Percy is mostly prepared to take over running the prison from him. He has learned the spells and the routine and nothing new or unusual has come up.

Matthias and others have been having periodic meetings with the lizardfolk who arrived as a diplomat for the Dragon Empire. These talks have not been very productive, and the Vale folk have been tacitly accused of breaking the peace due to their attack on a Dragon Empire garrison prior to the diplomat’s arrival, but close enough that the news got to him after he was in the Vale. It is unclear what the future of the negotiations will be.

Meanwhile, an orc emissary arrived from Schek Tarifk to open relations with the Vale formally. Matthias spoke to them and learned that it may be hard to navigate relations with them and other independent Schek (religiously delineated tribes based on which pagan god they revere most) while making an alliance with the Union of Schek (five schek that have formed a unified government). Schek Tarifk in particular seems so nomadic it might be hard to have relations with them independent of other complications.

The improved cart road from Iron Fields to the gnomish Great Road Mine is well under way as workers continue to build northward, expanding the existing trail. Randall’s scouting has exposed some further opportunities to tame that part of the land. Jacob Pharoe and his people are supporting the road, but also clearing their own path across the river from Iron Fields. They are considering moving their headquarters from Iron Fields to an old elven manor.

Missionary efforts continue with the satyrs and the gnomes.

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