Glic’s Puzzle of Eight

Eighteen gnomes statues, three for each of the six names, stand on the ground beneath three rows of shelves.

Inscribed inside the inset octagon at the center of the room in gnomish is the puzzle:

A bandit group threatened my access to Stalla Airgid. In preparing to attack them, I sent spies who were able to learn the following about their command structure:

  1. Their eight principal commanders had six names: Ord, Geam, Roinn, Umha, Sona, and Luath
  2. Half of the commanders had names beginning with vowels.
  3. Their command structure had only three tiers.
  4. Over half of the commanders were male. (Geam, Umha, and Sona are girl’s names)
  5. No two commanders with the same name were of the same rank.
  6. Roinn commanded Ord.
  7. Four siblings, two sisters and two brothers, were all the same rank.
  8. Sona, Ord, and Roinn were the same rank.
  9. Ord had three direct reports.
  10. Ord commanded Umha and Luath.
  11. Ord’s only sister was a trusted adviser with no direct command.
  12. Geam was not commanded by Ord.
  13. Sona and Roinn were not related.

How much of their hierarchy was I able to deduce?”

In an unbreakable crystal case are 8 keys one of which shatters each time all eight statues are places in an invalid configuration on the shelves.

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