Glic’s Puzzle of Four

Glic4 (2)Under a statue of the ancient ruler Glic are three shelves wide enough for two statuettes. Beneath the shelves are four statuettes with gnomish runes for G, F, C, and I.

Inscribed inside the inset square at the center of the room in gnomish is the puzzle:

“Geam, Iarann, Fahthast, and Cruaidh were officers in my stewardship. Of the four, all were different ages except the twins. Two of the four were of equal rank, though only one of these two commanded any of the others. Fahthast was the youngest, but the highest ranking, directly under my tutelage. The rest had ranks conforming to their age. Iarann envied his twin brother’s rank, but Geam, his commander, kept him from becoming demotivated.”

In an unbreakable crystal case are 4 keys one of which shatters each time all four statues are on the shelves in a wrong pattern.

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3 Responses to Glic’s Puzzle of Four

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  2. Raffaele Todesco says:

    Is the answer F > GC > I ?

    • jameseck says:

      This would imply that G and C are the same age, (“The rest had ranks conforming to their age.”) which implies they are the twins, but we know Iarann is one of the twins (“Iarann envied his twin brother’s rank.”).

      Thanks for commenting! Should I do posts analyzing the answers to these?

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