The Alchion

An eccentric goblin wizard built this hidden lab in which to perform his summoning and other experiments. He didn’t often have to come and go, having a bed, kitchen, well, and mushroom farm on hand. He accumulated many unusual and valuable treasures before dying unknown in his laboratory.IMG_20180828_101437


The entrance is a stone door frame with no passage, serving only to indicate the place and direction to teleport in order to enter the facility. The door is now regarded as a mystery with local peoples telling stories of gods and demons passing through it and generally avoiding it.

A letter written by the goblin still survives in which he invites a contemporary to meet him at “the Alchion.” This letter has inspired many adventurers to search for this lost place where it is rumored that a number of legendary artifacts were gathered before the death of the prolific goblin caused the Alchion to be lost to the world.

This was just a quick map, but if you like it, you might want to check out some of the more complete things I’ve done. There are more coming!

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