Celebrian Cavern

IMG_20180815_134328Named by the elves who no longer live in the area, the Celebrian Cavern was once a popular place for lovers to meet and for children to play. Those who use it today have various names for it, if they deign to name it at all.

As a stable cave in a frequently traveled region, it is used by all kinds of creatures, sentient, semi-sentient, and feral, as a shelter from weather and danger. With two somewhat isolated caverns with water and at least two entrances, it is not uncommon for two different groups to independently coexist in the cavern in the short term.

The two lower caverns contain a large stirge nest and those who frequent the cavern know to avoid those chambers and when using the main entrance to come and go outside if twilight hours when the stirges are coming and going.

This was just a quick map, but if you like it, you might want to check out some of the more complete things I’ve done. There are more coming!

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