Biweekly Item-Mordenkainen’s Mummy Bag

Inspired by Rick Stumps recent post about a certain mediocre motel room spell, I thought I’d go ahead and flesh out Rowan‘s magical sleeping bag. He hasn’t gotten much use out of it, but now I’ll be more ready for if it comes up.

The mummy bag manifests outwardly as a pull-string coin pouch that is more pull-string than pouch. The opening loosens wide enough to admit one person snugly. The interior is barely long enough and wide enough for a large humanoid to fit within. In cold weather, the interior of the bag quickly reaches a temperature of 80+Ambient/5 Fahrenheit. In ambient temperatures over 100 degrees, it matches the outside temperature. The bag is a tight fit and while any creature within it can safely enjoy a short or long rest, humanoids with 12 or more strength will experience -2 to attack rolls and acrobatics checks for 10 minutes following a short rest or 1 hour following a long rest.

Even when a person is inside, the mummy bag weighs only 1 pound and still resembles a coin pouch. The person inside can rest comfortably while the bag is being moved and does not perceive any of the bag’s motion as long as the draw strings are pulled tight.

Want more fun trinkets? Check out my documents Who Would Just Leave This Stuff and A Blessing and a Curse.

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