Aguluk Cegri


The mostly goblin heretical Schek Aguluk Cegri worship an underground aspect of Aguluk, goddess of rivers and lakes. They are highly secretive and hide themselves by living and traveling along underground rivers. This is one of their hidden holds, housing 15 or 16 small family groups. Though they have to farm on the surface, they spend as much as their time as possible near the river.

(A) marks a small cottage hiding the access to the caves. Guards occupy it, attempting to look like homesteading common goblins of orthodox Schek Aguluk. At the back of the cottage is a small hidden door leading down to the river and caves.

(B) marks a draw bridge cutting off the entrance from the living caves and guard rooms from which the inhabitants intend to defend their homes if discovered.

(C) marks a hook in the wall that can be lassoed to help pull a boat to, and secure it near, the hidden door to the community’s food stores and treasury, meant for withstanding siege. As a last resort, they intend to escape into the hidden vault and await the departure of the invaders.

This was just a quick map, but if you like it, you might want to check out some of the more complete things I’ve done. There are more coming!

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2 Responses to Aguluk Cegri

  1. Thanks for sharing your map. I’m starting to get into map making and like to look at blogs for inspiration! Any advice for the emerging?

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