Haven Peripheral Activity Report 07/2018

The Haven campaign continues to grow. I recently gave a year report, and I give weekly reports of their ongoing expeditions played out at the table, but there has started to be quite a bit of activity behind the scenes. I’m going to make reports of this activity from time to time, probably just monthly.

Agon (HuS) has been watching over the Ancient Dwarven Prison. He has learned the codes to all the cells (there are 3 with potentially hostile creatures inside that he hasn’t tried, but he’s confident in the patterns. He’s found an additional code pad on a pit door in the main hall, but hasn’t found its code. He magically ascertained the location of a shaft going upward from the main hall as well. He has also discovered a hidden code entry pad on the back of the statue at the end of the main hall, but hasn’t experimented with it. Percy, one of Jacob Pharoe’s magic-users, has joined him at the prison and started learning its functions in order to replace him.

Meanwhile, Verdis (HuS), Frank (PaT), Simon (JeA), Lash (WaB), Loamie (NiE), and Harold (MiM) have been occupying the Kobold Outpost. On the 22nd, they repelled a small band of Kobolds scouting the outpost and received resupply from Citadel. On the 28th, Matthias intends to send a band capable of collapsing the tunnels to shut up the outpost and allow the garrison to return to Citadel.

After many expeditions North from Confluence to the gnomish lands, the lands along that route are becoming more tame. As trade increases along the rough road and the new village, Iron Fields, grows, encounters in the area will be increasingly limited to Vale hunters and gnomish traders.

Missionary efforts are well under way to both the gnomes and the satyrs as relations continue to strengthen with those peoples.

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