Assetha’s Tomb


This ancient tomb of a lizardfolk king is full of dead lords and their thralls awaiting the rise of their ruler to accompany him out of the tomb. Recently, an ogre broke in the front door and then broke into the back left chamber, making it him home. He has expanded both doors to make passage easier. His right arm and shoulder are still scarred from his first and last attempt to push through the door on the right, when a spear trap (A) was triggered.

Spear traps are marked with (A) and they bombard the area when passed. The first one is was already tripped by the ogre, but the rest are still intact. The zombie horde waiting in the tomb are meant in part to trigger these traps and allow the passage of their king when the time comes.

This was just a quick map, but if you like it, you might want to check out some of the more complete things I’ve done. There are more coming!

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2 Responses to Assetha’s Tomb

  1. Looks like a good day-long adventure.

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