Biweekly Item-Umvillada

Umvillada: Dragon Soul Mirror

When a dragon grows tired of the mortal coil, it pours its essence into a magical item that contains its power, its sentience, its very soul. This mirror was so created by the Silver Dragon Umvillada.


For many centuries, the silver dragon Umvillada was consulted by dragon worshipers far and wide. She was a wise dragon, but with so many dragons known, wisdom was not enough to gather pilgrims from all over the land before her cavern. She was particularly consulted in matters of the heart, where she could overcome difficulties of communication with her mind reading and know even what her visitors durst not share concerning their problem. Though this ability prevented many from coming before her for the sake of secrets they would not have known, she was still popular among the some folk among her worshipers and especially honored by those who believed themselves pure enough to come before her and learn the secrets of those who had come before.

Eventually, though, she tired of a world that no longer presented her new emotions and stories. She poured her essence into the form of an ornate mirror, roughly 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide. When representatives of the Dragon Church received reports of her death, they went and with the permission of her brood enshrined the mirror on her cavern, now adorned with treasures from her hoards and other decorations. Dragon worshippers continued to make the pilgrimage to look in the mirror and be helped to find their innermost desire. Her soul was still present, advising, so long as she continued to be well respected.

With time, her brood dispersed to find their own broods and escape the shadow she cast over them in the eyes of visiting worshippers. The Umvillada Mirror continued to to be a highly regarded source of advice, and of hidden knowledge to those able to buy its favor. Due to the mirror’s ability to obtain secrets from those to visit it, the Dragon Church made a point of advertising it to foreign non-dragon-worshippers.

Eventually, a band of dwarves found themselves in Umvillada’s Hall, after . They returned with reports of the mirror and of the treasures; their greedy king thought it an easy take and sent dwarves to capture the goods. They came back with a great bounty, but there was a reason the Dragon Church didn’t bring the mirror to a temple like they did many other Dragon Souls to be revered. With such easy access to the Umvillada’s scrying power and knowledge, the dwarven king began to take her for granted. She glowered at her mistreatment and she saw an opportunity, she fed the king misinformation, slowly working to erode his kingdom and eventually bring about his downfall.

Umvillada still stands in his bed chamber, unappreciated and alone, awaiting a worshiper who might appreciate what they have found.


The Umvillada Mirror can pierce protections against divination magics. When a spell or effect opposes its attempts to divine, it does so with 1d20+Spell Casting Ability Modifier+Spell Level with a DC of 20 to prevent the divination.

Umvillada recovers all uses at moonrise.

Can cast Augury with an instantaneous casting time when the question is asked. Chances of random results only begin on the fourth question, but this can be less if she is displeased.

Can cast Identify on an object visible in the mirror (5 uses).

Can cast Locate Animals or Plants, Locate Object, or Locate Creature with a range of 50 miles (2 uses, but Locate Creature uses both). Umvillada may choose to omit, add, or alter located entities and their locations are given at her description, precise or vague.

Can cast Legend Lore (1 use). Umvillada may be precise or vague, thorough or cursory in her description of the subject.

Can cast Detect Thoughts DC 18 (4 uses). Umvillada will cast this of her own accord if seeking a way to damage an unfaithful worshipper.

Can cast Scrying DC 18 with the user’s knowledge of the target and as if having a picture of the target (1 use). Both sight and sound come through the surface of the mirror, but its position and facing are chosen by Umvillada.

Whenever a command is given to her, Umvillada checks to determine if she complies completely. She rolls 3d6+the number of uses of casting expended since she was last sincerely and floridly praised by the user+the number of weeks since she was offered an extravagant gift by the user (maximum of 10). For first time users with no gift to present, the number of weeks starts at 7. If her result exceeds 20, she is more vague in her response than necessary. If it exceeds 25, she misleads or omits results. If it exceeds 30, she will twist the results however she can to cause harm.

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