Hall of Mirrors


The Hall of Mirrors is a remnant of the dwarven kingdom that centuries ago dotted the mountains to the East. This squat edifice of stark black stone was originally built to hold Zevza’s most dangerous criminals where they could be observed and contained far from civilization, in the sparsely populated hill country between their mountains and the elven lands.

The Hall itself is merely a gateway to the prison, which is hidden somewhere else, making jailbreaks unlikely. In the hall, magical mirrors provide a view into the lighted cells when looked into directly, but otherwise function as normal mirrors to the benefit of those prison wardens who desired not to see the monstrosities and abominations imprisoned there. These wardens had no contact with the inner prison, simply watching over it to ensure no one with the power to access the inner prison arrived. The Head Warden had the means to to access status summaries of the inner prison, but they otherwise had little to no interaction with the inside.


The inner prison is significantly larger and patrolled by a gelatinous cube trained to recognize the cell numbers and derive from them the codes to the cells. It’s ability to occupy the full doorway allows it to open the door and enter enough to drop in food that appears at the statue to the north.

The wall behind the statue displays the number of any cell where a false combination is entered in glowing red runes that go dark again when touched.

The statue of blind justice produces generic bread, water, and sausage at meal times each day based on the number of inmates that must be fed unless special dietary needs are specified. This food spoils 24 hours after it is created.

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