ToM Session 11: Aboard the Soggy Boot

After Lamila’s display of magic, Hilbrent warns her not to spend the night in Calrendink, as the magic ban enforcers will be expecting her there. Instead, they pass around the city and continue into the night, putting a few miles between themselves and the danger. The party is:

  • Doane Six (ByW): Level 3 Nekolyn Monk
  • Lamila (BiW): Level 3 Half-Orc, Half-Elf Fighter
    • Benquil: Level 2 Spider Monkey Animal Companion
  • Lucifer “Lucy” Underfoot (RiH): Level 3 Halfling Bard
    • Gelda Roughsole: Level 2 Halfling Thief Follower
    • Eymen Hunyadi: Level 1 Drow Padfoot Follower
    • Rav Lugulu: Level 1 Goblin Chemist Follower
    • Hilderek Ferlwinkle: Level 1 Gnome Tinker Follower

They continue several days, staying at inns each night, until they arrive at Silver Shore, where they go about trying to find the team with the diving suits. Lucy heads up the search, going to get them rooms at the first inn he sees, the Stolen Hat. Asking around, he learns that the gnomish diplomats to the merfolk, using diving suits, are housed at the Captain’s Cat.

Meanwhile, Doane visits a shrine to Anaith the goddess of wind to meditate and Lamila shops for clothes to replace her circus costume, concerned it will make it easy for magic ban enforcers to find her. With their errands complete, they meet at the Stolen Hat and Lamila and Lucy go together to meet with these gnomish diplomats.

They find them in the common room of the Captain’s Cat by their sullen faces and approach them about the diving suits. They learn that the diplomatic team lost a ship to a sea monster, along with all but 2 of their diving suits. They are gruff and turn away their offers to help. As Lucy and Lamila leave, a voice behind them mocks them for giving up so easy. They are approached by a man in a captain’s hat with a peg leg who offers to meet them in the morning aboard his ship, the Soggy Boot. If they help him with something and prove they’re capable, he’ll take them to where the ship was lost to try and retrieve the diving suits and slay the monster if necessary.

In the morning, they go to meet him, taking his ship to an island in the Glass Gulf, arriving by the next morning. As the sun rises, they can see a temple half fallen into the sea atop its eroding cliff. The captain sends the seven ashore in a row boat and promises to await their return to split the take 50/50. At shore, they find their way into caverns beneath the temple.

In the caverns, they hear a tapping sound, almost imperceptible, that starts to drive them mad. Lamila and Doane overcome it, but Lucy and his followers begin making marks on the walls ominously similar to those near skeletons lying about the place. Soon, a ghostly gnome with a hammer starts to make hit and run strikes, but they break down the door to its lair and defeat it.

Lamila dons some tattered robes and prays to the deity of the broken altar where the gnome had been tapping and receives rebuke. A storm immediately picks up outside. With the caverns on the left of the crag through the temple thoroughly searched, they board the row boat again and cross to the other side, where Lamila is able to see a hidden door revealed clearly to her (others find it through a search after she passes through). Inside, stairs lead up, presumably into the temple above.

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