The Meek Go to War

On June 9th, Year 4, battle is brewing in the Vale. In the days following the Vale folk’s intrusion on their hill fort, the kobolds have become more active, beginning to harass Jacob Pharoe and his guild where they watch over the settlers preparing the site of a new village. It is in these dire circumstances, with most of the Citadel House adventurers deployed to defend the walls of Citadel and Confluence, respond to threats to Timberford and Carie, and watch the bridge North of Kite, that a pair of halflings from opposing corners of an alley in Enoch arrive in the Vale:

  • Verdis (HuS): Level 8 Human Fighter
    • Phineas: Pet Rock
  • Harold (MiM): Level 1 Halfling Thief
  • Bart (TrS): Level 1 Halfling Musician

They are conveyed to the Citadel House tavern, now a war room, where Verdis is looking over a map of the Vale, coordinating the Citadel House efforts with the militia forces of the Vale. While Verdis is greeting them, word comes to the House that the quarry above Citadel has been attacked. Without thinking, Verdis orders the two halflings to follow him as he rushes toward the quarry.

They find the quarry evacuated but for some dead and wounded and learn from one of the wounded that the kobold forces continued up the hill to Wraecliff’s castle, flying lizards among them. Verdis heals the man and continues. As they go, Bart points out drakes circling the half completed keep with Kobolds on their backs. They creep up the road to the castle build site and seeing a dozen or so kobolds and a lizardfolk commander trying to break down the door, they move into crossbow range for the two halflings and open fire.

As they do so, an arrow narrowly misses Bart from somewhere he doesn’t see and the battle begins, with the kobold forces moving to engage them with support from the five archers among them. After picking off most of the archers, Harold and Verdis engage the warriors while Bart plays a song on his magical Ukelele, compelling Harold and a number of the Kobolds to dance. As the fight continues, with Bart trying new songs with declining success in his attempts to keep them dancing, Harold eventually falls in the melee and Bart is struck down by a drake riding Kobold. Verdis continues to fight, quickly felling his foes until they break and run. He pursues, killing them all but the fleeing drake riders. As he shoots down the last, defiant archer, he moves to check on his companions and sees a winged lizardfolk, presumably the same one that attacked Caramon and Osiris and Conan, Randall, and Aronis, pass around the side of the tower flying toward him.

He strikes the lizardfolk with an arrow and then prepares to engage at close quarters. The fight is desperate, with the lizardfolk repeatedly disarming Verdis, Verdis taking hits to retrieve his axe and grabbing his shield in both hands to ward off swift punches. While the lizardfolk erodes Verdis’ health, Verdis lands only one hit, though a substantial one. As the fight goes on, Verdis regains a footing that allows him a kick and with his opponent slightly disadvantaged from subsequent parries manages to land a mighty blow with his lightning-waxed axe, wounding the thick-scaled lizardfolk deeply.

The lizardfolk withdraws a step, manipulating a ring on its finger and waiting for Verdis. Verdis braces in return, hoping to finish his opponent in the next exchange. But the lizardfolk does not attack. It thrusts a fist into the air and flaps its wings, ascending rapidly. Verdis produces his bow again, taking a shot that knocks the flying lizardfolk from the sky with a thud softened by the continuing wind produced by his ring.

With no sign of more danger, Verdis loots the enemy and revives his fallen allies. While he is looting, guards from the keep arrive, confirming that the remainder of the attacking forces have fled and informing Verdis that Wraecliff was injured confronting the winged lizardfolk during the initial attack. Verdis heals him and after surveying the battlefield, he pays Verdis a reward with a token of appreciation for Bart and Harold.

With the enemy somewhat diminished, their champion killed, and a victory under their belt, Verdis believes that the kobold forces will be more hesitant to attack again. Wraecliff, for his part, agrees to keep a watchman posted on his slowly rising keep to prevent future surprises from their forces.

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