Trouble with Kobolds

On June 2nd, Year 4, a Monday, adventurers from Citadel House set out for the old windmill tower in the South of the Vale to investigate the attack on Caramon and Osiris the Friday before. They are:

  • Randall (HuS): Level 1 Human Druid
    • Oliver: Fox Animal Companion
  • Conan (MiM): Level 2 Elf Magic-user
    • Scar: Hawk Familiar
  • Aronis (WaB): Level 3 Elf Magic-user

Randall and Conan go ahead while Aronis “the Snail” makes some preparations. They two arrive at the tower, finding nothing amiss on the ground floor, but in the floor above Conan spots Kobolds lying in wait and they enter combat.

Conan begins with two fast spells that roast the nearest Kobold and then dodges into the room while Randall transforms into his orangutan form.

Outnumbered and engaged at melee range, Conan draws his sword and between that and his shield fends off attacks admirably. Randall, now orange and hairy, tackles one of the sword wielding Kobolds, quickly overpowering it. While Randall crushes that Kobold out of consciousness, Randall duels with the remaining swordsman, finding themselves well matched. The two kobold archers continue to be ineffectual.

While Randall moves on to slap impotently at one of the archers, Conan cuts down his opponent and casts a death spell to heal himself. Meanwhile, both archers produce daggers, one waiting to jump Conan and the other damaging Randall enough that he starts to revert to human form.

While Randall draws a dagger makes a fighting retreat against both Kobolds, Conan feeds on the fallen Kobold, feeling truly refreshed for the first time in nearly two months.

Meanwhile, Randall sees him crouched over the body but nothing more as he continues to dodge back, taking some damage and tripping to the ground before Conan rejoins the battle with fire magics that save him.

They search the bodies, finishing one found still alive and proceed to the top of the tower.

It is around this time that Aronis arrives, aware that a band of Kobolds is shadowing him beyond the tree line. He takes up position on the ground floor near the steps up, waiting for the enemy to enter.

On the roof, Randall and Conan spot movement in the trees and Randall quickly clicks his heels, activating his increased agility to bolt down the stairs, out of the building, and to the nearest tree, now experienced in the dangers of combat without his beloved plants there to help him.

Conan and Aronis follow, joining him near the tree but not seeing any of the Kobolds. They move North toward where Aronis last saw them and as they go Aronis takes an arrow to the back. All three take cover behind trees before the next arrow arrives from the tower.

They soon pinpoint the enemy’s position on the corner of the roof and Randall and Conan risk return shots, Randall taking an arrow, while Aronis begins casting a spell that takes him over 8 seconds to deliver a fireball all the way to the top of the tower. It is tense as he casts, but the Kobold (who took an arrow from their return volley) hesitates, not popping up until just as the spell finishes, just in time to be consumed by the explosion if fire.

With Randall and Aronis wounded, they decide to walk to Carrie to be healed by the Branch President there before returning to spend the night in the tower.

During Conan’s watch, he sees movement in the woods and becomes a bat to investigate. It is a lone Kobold, creeping away having apparently confirmed their presence at the tower.

Conan awakes the others and they agree to track it by daylight. At dawn, they pick up the trail. They are perceptive, but not trained in tracking. Even so, the Kobolds have passed this way many times in decent numbers and they are able to follow the trail at almost normal speed, stopping only to verify that the signs they are following are indeed from Kobolds. The trail leads them Northeast past Wraecliff’s castle before turning North.

By evening they arrive at the rocky formation Aronis recognizes from his last confrontation with a Dragon Empire garrison. The trail leads to it and they wait at the end of the cleared area until after dark. After the fall of darkness and before moonrise, they approach the garrison. Randall becomes an orangutan (still badly wounded) and climbs the cliff to the top where he sees only one look out watching intently toward the direction from which they approached. Meanwhile, Aronis and Conan approach the gate and find two guards there. As they watch, the guards are reinforced, apparently alerted to their presence.

The party withdraws, considering the garrison too large for their group. They go a little ways through the dark forest toward Citadel before bedding down. During Conan’s watch, he becomes aware of something flying over head. It sees them and descends. Conan awakes the others and as the winged lizardfolk lands in their camp casts a fire spell, which it dodges. The lizardfolk knocks Conan out with a devastating punch. As he goes down, Aronis and Randall engage, trees grappling the lizardfolk while Aronis slings rocks. The lizardfolk realizes his mistake as he tries to tear free of the trees and begins to slowly change. Frustrated with the minimal damage they are doing, Aronis slings a fire orb that damages the branches enough for him to break free. He launches himself into the air, ascending before shrinking out of sight.

Conan is a very large elf, and Aronis and Randall are not very strong. Between the two of them and a couple hours of Randall’s orangutan form, they manage to get Conan to Citadel before noon the next day. There, the healers attempt to heal him with magic but it fails. Finding no pulse, the healers inform them that Conan is dead, but Randall and Aronis refuse to believe it, carrying him away to his room where they find stockpiles of blood, as well as a couple jars in Conan’s pack.

They keep this information to themselves, over the next few days debating with each other whether to bring it to Matthias. Despite this, they inform Matthias that Conan is recovering in his room and that the Kobolds have reoccupied their old garrison. Planning begins to deal with the threat.

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