Biweekly Item-Chime Ring

As elven nations became more affluent and magic more prevalent, their enchantments became more frivolous. Lule Brightpath was a wealthy elf who loved the sound of his many chimes and had a ring created with which he could ring them on days when the wind did not blow by itself. When the Dragon Empire invaded the decadent and weakened elven nations, Lule Brightpath was killed and one of the invaders, Krithsa Celthessa, took his ring as a prize. The Celthessa family was particularly zealous in the genocidal war and Krithsa’s descendants inherited not only the ring, but honored positions within the Dragon Empire. The ring has now come to Arssa Draksthia Celthessa, a dragon-infused lizardfolk monk who strives to honor his family’s legacy.ChimeRing

Chime Ring

In 5e terms, this ring allows the wearer to cast Gust of Wind (5e SRD) as a bonus action with the exception that the spell does not require concentration, cannot be ended early, and the wind cannot be redirected after the time of use. The Chime Ring has 4 charges that refresh after a long rest. It requires 5 rounds (30 seconds) between uses.

In Mind Weave terms, the Chime Ring is a lesser enchanted ring with components: re, Wind (Full), Oh (Basic), Neta (Basic). It is a charge-based enchant with a turn on and off option and a spell point cost to use.

It has 4 charges with a 30 second cooldown and a 24 hour recharge time.

It is turned on when facing outward on the finger and off when facing in toward the palm. It is activated with a punching gesture and when turned on triggers accidentally on the slightest hand thrust. It takes 1 second of effort on a single hand to change the ring’s position or 0.5 seconds using both hands.

It costs 40 SP for each use.

It produces a localized wind blowing in the direction of the punch with 26.1 mph velocity in that direction, lasting 1 minute. This is not enough to topple a person, but can slow them down a little. It will influence flight.

It’s a been a while since I worked with the Enchanter’s Almanack for any new items. SO many options.




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