Touring the Vale

On May 26th, Year 4, Caramon arrives in the Vale. His “brother,” Cripis, had travelled through the portal in Enoch a couple months earlier and he desired to join him, finding his way there by revealing a magical item obtained some months earlier, before Cripis ever went.

  • Caramon (CoB): Level 1 Human Fighter
  • Osiris (CoB): Level 2 Elf Magic-user

He arrives on a festival day, the celebration of the last flowers becoming fruit in the orchards. He participates in some games, winning some candy and a rabbit’s foot at the ring toss, and meets a few gnomes. With no success at other games and little immediate interest in the stalls available, he returns to the Citadel House. There, he visits a few rooms, trying to learn the whereabouts of his brother. He learns that Cripis has died, but also that Dorcas (a major landowner) has been behaving strangely, that kobold forces have been active in the area and there is a suspected garrison, and that a new village is being settled North of Confluence in an effort to strengthen relations with the gnomes.

Despite Osiris being exhausted from wounds and travel only ending the evening before, he agrees to accompany Caramon on a day trip looking into the Kobold situation in the morning.

On Tuesday, they agree to start where they know the Kobolds are, traveling to the new bridge/dam near the dragon temple. Once there, they see the Kobold tower atop the hill above the temple is well underway, with Kobolds climbing on it to complete the sidings. They decide to go up and speak to them.

With none of the Kobolds speaking elvish, one of them climbs inside and soon a lizardfolk emerges to address them. He is highly confrontational, affirming their intention to keep the peace near the temple, but making no promises with regards to their other activities or the Vale itself. When Osiris expresses concern that people might get hurt if things escalate further, the lizardfolk takes it as a threat and conversation quickly comes to an end, Osiris and Caramon withdrawing to the bridge. They warn the guards there to remain wary and head back toward Citadel.

In Confluence, on the way, they come upon a group of gnomes heading up river to see the new Vale settlement and evaluate plans to build a road from it to the gnomish refinery further up river. Caramon offers to join them, but Osiris proceeds to Citadel to continue his recovery.

In the late afternoon, Caramon and the gnomes arrive at the site of the new village where Jacob Pharoe and his men are keeping watch and helping to clear land and build cottages. Jacob Pharoe lends Caramon a couple of people to go to the ancient prison where his “brother”, Cripis, died. They frequently check it and so now seems as good a time as any. Once there, they lead Caramon to the mirror where Cripis died and he looks upon his fallen “brother”, still in the presence of the elven creature that killed him, becoming highly emotional and asking to return to the village.

Caramon stays a couple days, having close calls with an owl and a wolf during his respective watches. On Friday, he returns to Citadel and seeks out Osiris again, who goes with him to the ancient windmill in the South of the Vale. There, they witness the aftermath of a desperate fight against trolls as they make their way to the top of the structure. On top of the windmill, a hawk strikes at Caramon and, as they consider engaging it, ascends out of reach before transforming into a winged lizardfolk.

It attacks with brass knuckled fists and in the ensuing battle punches Caramon into unconsciousness. Osiris manages to wound him with a death spell and he withdraws, turning back into a hawk and issuing a threat (in response to Osiris’ attempt to speak with animal) of further violence if the elves don’t leave.

Osiris heals Caramon and they both return to Citadel, warning them of the threat.

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