Biweekly Monster-Draksthia

Draksthia, Dragon-Blooded in the lizard tongue, is a term used to refer to lizardfolk and kobolds of the Dragon Empire who have obtained draconic features through the rite of dragon blood injection. The process of the injection is closely guarded by the dragon priests, but the outcomes are rumored among the surrounding people who have encountered the Draksthia.

It is said the the Dragon-Blooded lizardfold and kobolds are blessed with dragon-like scales, protecting them from various forms of damage, depending on the type of blood. They receive wings that allow them to fly and a breath weapon as a baby dragon of the kind of dragon with which they were injected.

Draksthia will often gain other powers unique to the kind of dragon from which their blood came. For example:

  • A Black Draksthia will have the darkness aura of a Black Dragon hatchling.
  • A Green Draksthia will heal through contact with the ground, as a Green Dragon.
  • A Yellow Draksthia will be have a minor influence on storms, as a hatchling Yellow Dragon.

The first purely Mind Weave creature in a while. This is something I’ve been contemplating for a long time. It turned are pretty simple, really.


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